Did The “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” Just Go Into A New Printing Run? – Putin Orders New Investigation into “Jewish Ritualized Murder” of Tsar Nicholas II & Family

Russia is launching an investigation into whether Tsar Nicholas II and his family were killed by Jews as part of a ‘ritual murder’ in a move that has infuriated anti-Semitism campaigners.

Father Tikhon Shevkunov, the Orthodox bishop heading an investigatory panel, is among hardcore members of the church who claim the final Russian emperor was murdered in a Jewish ritual.

Tsar Nicholas was shot with his wife and five children by Communist Bolsheviks in 1918 after Vladimir Lenin came to power, and wild rumours about the circumstances surrounding his death have circulated ever since.

Boruch Gorin, a spokesman for the Federation of Jewish Communities, Russia’s largest Jewish group, expressed a strong concern about the claims, which he described as a ‘throwback to the darkest ages’.

Some Christians in medieval Europe believed Jews murdered Christians to use their blood for ritual purposes, something which historians say has no basis in Jewish religious law or historical fact.

The tsar and his family were executed by a Bolshevik firing squad on July 17, 1918, in a basement room of a merchant’s house where they were held in the Ural Mountains city of Yekaterinburg. The Russian Orthodox Church made them saints in 2000.

Conspiracy theories blaming the Jews for spearheading the Bolshevik revolution were popular among the post-revolution Russian emigres and the Russian Orthodox Church abroad, and were later picked up by some hard-line nationalists.
Mr Gorin said his group was shocked and angered by the statements from both the bishop and the Investigative Committee, which he said sounded like a revival of the century-old ‘anti-Semitic myth’ about the killing of the imperial family.
Discussing the Tsar’s murder, Father Shevkunov claimed the ‘Bolsheviks and their allies engaged in the most unexpected and diverse ritual symbolism’.

  • Watchman

    Putin, inheritor of a country that prided itself for deposing its monarchical system and installing communism, now seeks to absolve itself of that action and blame the centuries old scapegoat of “The Jews”.

  • andycanuck

    I don’t know. Maybe the former head of the KGB could look through old Party files for an answer.

    • Linda Harkins

      maybe he has seen old party files.

  • Chris

    What’s next? Were the jews responsible for killing off the dinosaurs too?

    • Watchman

      Of course not, it was a massive meteorite crashing into the Earth that triggered the extinction of the dinosaurs. Admittedly a Jewish meteorite. /sarc

    • Shebel

      Maybe the dinosaurs were actually JEWS in disguise.
      Ever think about that?

      • Watchman

        No, I learned from islam that the Jews were pigs and apes whereas (actual) science says birds are the genetic survivors of dinosaurs.

        • Shebel

          Islam is a never ending source of wisdom if you are a pig or an ape.

    • Alain

      At this rate those claiming it is the case would have many followers. I went to RT to the original article and made the mistake of scrolling through the comments. All I can say is “Unbelievable” big time. The complete ignorance of Zionism, the Talmud and the Kaballah is beyond description. The article in the RT brought out just about every cockroach it seems. It was like reading through multiple comments by the likes of Micheal Moore but on the subject of Jews. The common theme was that Russians really had nothing to do with the “revolution” or the killing of the Tsar and family; it was all those foreign Jews who did it.

  • QiPo

    It serves their purposes. I knew someone who, with his mother, escaped from the palace on that fateful night. The history is crystal clear. Socialism is a failed concept trying to flush humanity down their porcelain god with them. They know their lies and this is but a rehash of their same old bs. READ YOUR HISTORY.

  • Agincourt

    Suck it up and embrace your Jewish legacy of genocide

    dindu nuffin is not a argument

  • HalfJudean (Destroyer-Drone)

    Yes, Yakov Sverdlov (the man who signed the execution order) was a Jew.
    Yes, Yakov Yurosky (the chief executioner) was a Jew.

    And yet, you half-Heathen, half-illiterate Orthodox Christians still got it all wrong.

    The Romanovs were killed in a Bolshevik ritual. Jewish ritual murder involves little Christian kids, matzos, and a slaughtering knife: not whole families, not firearms.
    Read your history.

    • Clausewitz


      • Clausewitz

        Disregard, posted the wrong meme.

  • nk171283 .

    I hope the jews left in Russia pack their suitcases and move to Israel before the pogroms start, leave these drunken illiterate peasants called “russians” to stew in their hatred just like the arab world.

  • pearl87 ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    I am somewhat perplexed by the knee jerk reaction to this investigation. However, since the only permitted national religion seems to be Jewish Apologism, it should not surprise anyone that even asking a question is now an act of apostasy.

  • vixpervenit

    There are plenty of contemporaneous accounts, from ambassadors, businessmen and Churchill, saying that the October Revolution was a jewish operation. And there are documentaries about it on youtube.
    Unless Henry Ford printed the newspaper articles, letters and diplomatic correspondence on his TPOTEOZ printing press…