Students, Get Your Culture outside the University

Our universities are no longer committed to educating the young. Rather, the professorate has betrayed America’s future, and there is little more than lip service paid to learning in the noble sense of the word. What now matters most is the profit motive and filling students with a strange delusion called “social justice.”

  • Uncommunist

    The words, ‘social justice warrior’ are lies, collectively, each one a paradox of the others. I would rather be spat on daily than be an sjw, whom I consider to be evil, amoral, unethical, opportunistic, double-dealing, fork-tongued, cowardly snakes;based on what I know of them. And vermin too, there, done. For now. sjw uggghhhh

  • Ed

    “Social justice” means taking power from those who have it and giving it to those that don’t.

    What they never explain is why that would be a good thing. Mugabe took the power and look how he used it.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I am still baffled why we should care. If half the largest companies in west implode because they are run by HR departments who only worry about putting gays, women, minorities, trannies, illegal aliens, illiterates or terrorists in charge and they only exist further than agenda, then so what? Seriously, so what? What’s the down side? A mass die off and the morning commute is finally bearable.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Higher education needs to be brought under the consumer protection laws.