Outrage at ‘Disproportionate’ Arrest Stats for UK’s Ethnic Minority Children

Black and minority ethnic children accounted for 60% of child arrests in London last year, according to a new study; campaigners say the statistics are evidence of an “appallingly disproportionate” application of the UK justice system, the Independent reports.

  • Frances

    Have they ever considered that perhaps the real reason is that an “appallingly disproportionate” number of young’uns in those categories are somewhat less than law-abiding?

    • Editor

      Are you daft! Actually speak the truth. Next you’ll be advocating for posting it on Twitter. That’ll get the plods on your doorstep in minutes. Best take the Rotherham approach and deny the obvious.

      • Frances

        I speak as I find.

  • ed

    they commit more than 80% of the crime ! compared to white kids [ ed uk [

    • Linda1000

      Gee, sounds almost like Ferguson or Baltimore in the USA.

  • Liberal Progressive

    That’s racist!

    The equitable progressive thing to do is once the proportion of minority people arrested matches their proportion in the community, either you have to stop arresting any more minorities, or start randomly selecting white people to arrest to make the proportions the same as the population!

  • Starlord

    Some cultures are better than others.

    Fucking knuckle draggers.
    Oh I’m diverse make way for me, what I can’t rape, Rob and pillage… I’m diverse don’t arrest me…

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    When are the white going to be outraged that the blacks and browns are committing so much crime?
    Not al cultures are equal, nor are all races are equal.
    Hell, even men and women commit crimes at different rates.
    Why are men disproportionately arrested for crime.
    I demand that more women be arrested and less men!

    • Blacksmith

      But did the keyboard survive the rage? I actually broke one a couple years ago pounding out a reply that was mostly incoherent…..

      • Drunk by Noon ✓

        Yes, my keyboard is fine!
        Spend the money on a quality keyboard I say!
        Preferable backlit so as you’re rocking back and forth in the dark, you can still post.

        I have to go back and re-check my barely-coherent rants of outrage for syntax, spelling, and typo errors.
        Some of them are quite embarrassing.

  • Martin B

    No outrage at disproportionate CRIME stats, I see.

  • Ed

    The DAVOS crowd really are clueless what’s coming…

    • Alain

      I do not believe they are clueless, in fact I believe this was their goal.

      • Tooth&Claw

        Yes and no. They haven’t yet understood that control is mostly illusory.

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    I know I’m just a butterfly, and that my beauty vastly exceeds my brains, but I think there’s another explanation for this than a disproportionate application of the justice system.

  • Dana Garcia

    Authorities are probably not arresting enough of the diverse criminal populace — 60% sounds low.

  • Blacksmith

    So they are uncivilized? I wonder where they learned that?

  • WalterBannon

    where is the outrage At ‘Disproportionate’ criminal acts being committed by UK’s Ethnic Minority Children, who were imported by the UK’s treasonous govt

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Continuing the freakout of the elites.