Ottawa must ‘step in’ to review P.E.I. business immigration program: opposition

James Aylward, the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party, says it’s important to stop the province from becoming financially “addicted” to the deposits it receives from immigrants who don’t stay on Prince Edward Island or open a business.

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    In 10 years the CBC will do an Aisha of Green Gables.

    • WalterBannon

      they are about to green-light a production of “Jihadi Camp, 90210”

    • DMB

      It will be a spin off to Little Mosque on the Prairie.

    • Miss Trixie

      “My Three Muftis”

  • Why ask the government to fix the system it knows is bad? That was the whole point of it.

    • Mony Free

      If the Gov is collecting all those $.$$ then I don’t need to pay any taxes for 2017 come filing time? Tanks to da PM!

  • ontario john

    And in further good news from the Liberal government. It won’t only be little Justin crying tomorrow, but tax payers as well. The media is reporting that a tearful Super Socks will be handing over a cheque for 100 MILLION DOLLARS to perverts, as part of his apology tomorrow. I hope he runs out of apologies soon, or the country is going to go bankrupt.

    • DMB

      $10.5 million of that will go to Ben Levin.

  • Thomas Henderson

    The Maritimes are more than 90% old stock British. In the eyes of the Laurentian consensus, that’s an abomination.

    Our political masters, reflective of the faceless technocracy they serve, aim to replace people who have roots and culture with rootless and soulless minions just like themselves – interchangeable cogs on the consumer merry-go-round that are easily manipulable at will. Heaven forbid should anyone have an identity besides perverts and outsiders or the latest fad of identities chosen by academic censors.

    The fact that Prince Edward Island hasn’t had net inward migration since the 1820s – and isn’t likely to – is lost on these “no mainstream” nitwits. The commissars won’t be happy until every corner of this great dominion is like Toronto.

    Shame, because Prince Edward Island is one of the last refuges that remind me of what Canada looked like all but a generation ago.