ISIS brides returning home and raising the next generation of jihadist martyrs

“We will bring up strong sons and daughters and tell them about the life in the caliphate,” she said, fingering her teacup through black gloves. “Even if we hadn’t been able to keep it, our children will one day get it back.”

  • Okay, why are they here?

    • Observer

      To conquer the western world through hijra with the support of our so-called leaders.

      • This getting people for votes thing always backfires.

        • WalterBannon

          the treasonous govt’s plan is more nefarious and genocidal than mere vote importing

    • WalterBannon

      to kill us

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Deport all muzzies. Shut down the mosques. Halt muzzie immigration now. And for heaven’s sakes, someone who is tech savvy start a petition to have the Queen fire Justin as he is aiding and abetting the enemy.

  • WalterBannon

    that is what treasonous Trudeau claims to be re-integrating

    he and his whole govt belong in prison

  • Gary

    Our federal Liberals have an example for Jean Chretien that bailed-out Daddy Khadr from a Pakistani Military Jail as part of a Photo-op with Mommy Dearest Khadr asking for help because he had a Canadian passport and was only running an Orphanage .
    She came back to Canada to have her babies here to stick us with the bill$ and get these future Jihadists our Passports as to rescue them once in trouble.
    Daddy Khadr knew the value of an ignorant Liberal and was set free to groom his Sons as Terrorists for allahs cause . When he was killed in a fire-fight he got his youngest Son shot too with a spinal injury where Mommy Dearest knew that Paul Martin would welcome her back with the Son for FREE Heath care and Welfare as a Disabled homophobic Jew-hating Canada-hating Terrorist .
    Omar Khadr was supported by his Mother and Sister to die in Jihad to please allah where he too got in a Fire-fight while supporting the Taliban and killed a Medic with a grenade. Omar was near death and saved by the US soldier and then sent to GITMO as a soldier in Civilian clothes that was on the side of the Taliban.

    The Khadr’s still hate Canada and want us DEAD as sanctioned in the quran.
    The Khadr’s Imam was on the CBC and said that he coaches young muslims to not go to the Middle east and fight for allah but stay here and do Jihad to kill Canadians.
    Aly Hindy , Omar Khadr, Mommy dearest Khadr, Sister Khadr and the oldest Son walk free in canada while the RCMP and CSIS focus on alleged Alt-Right extremists and Right wing terrorists .
    Justin bring in over 40,000 devout jew-hating anti-canada muslims as “refugees ” while Toronto’s Mayor made the City a Sanctuary City for illegals with NO ID and no Vetting for a criminal past.

    Muslims know that canada is an easy target for refugee fraud and has brain dead Liberals that will hand it over to islam as a caliphate . It’s not the peaceful ones to fear because those may not be muslims but they fear being killed if the leave ….it’s those “few” bad apples where we now see it’s really 80% of the Orchard with poison trees baring toxic fruit getting people killed that eat them .