Fed’s Clean Fuel Standards will kill jobs: Just look at Ontario

The soon to-be-announced clean fuel regulations are just the latest example of politicians catering to climate activists.

  • Watchman

    According to a recent report from Clean Energy Canada, more federal fuel regulations would be an economic boon for the country. It argues that additional regulations “would increase economic activity in clean fuels in Canada by up to $5.6-billion a year in 2030” and create as many as 31,000 new jobs

    Obviously someone who has ever heard of Frédéric Bastiat’s Parable of the broken window. If jobs were the prime motivation then Canada should ban all labor-saving equipment like farm machinery so that we could return to 1851 when 85% of Canadians worked in rural areas, compared to less than 20% now.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I wish that all these Green and Liberal governments would simply announce that they’re dialing back civilization to a pre industrial age, ‘temporarily’ of course, until such time as the magical solar powered free infinite energy system comes online. Look we know it’s going to be tough for you for a few decades what with no lights or heat or AC or cars or plastic or medicine or fertilizer and a 75% reduction in the amount of food….but Mother Earth has to take priority hear.

    • Watchman

      Big Brother will take care of us, I’m sure. Our thanks go to him for our chocolate rations having been increased from 30 grams per week to 20 grams a week through his careful overseeing of energy use and recycling.

      • Hard Little Machine

        Though to be fair, I do relish the thought that finally the Greens who tell me, that my July where it’s 95 degrees and 70% humidity doesn’t entitle me to AC because some gopher somewhere might be harmed….they’re finally getting around to telling people in the North East that heating their homes in the winter is something they don’t need either. I will be dreadfully uncomfortable but they will actually die.

        • Watchman

          The Canadian Greens think that the world is already overpopulated by at least 1.5 billion people https://www.greenparty.ca/en/policy/vision-green/world/population ; they probably consider you expendable and liquidatible as you use far more resources than a poor third worlder. And you are probably white, which doesn’t help.

          • Hard Little Machine

            Sorta white. And my spouse of nearly 40 years is less so. Be that as it may. Unless the Greens really believe that they’ll be growing bamboo in Manitoba in February winters will be continue to be brutal if all you have is a paltry energy allotment and the bright bright free sun.

          • canminuteman

            Yet at the same time they are hell bent on increasing the population of Canada to 100,000,000. Go figure. Maybe they figure the mass immigration will make up for all the people they kill when they turn off our heat.

  • favill

    You know I wouldn’t mind electric cars so much if government’s didn’t subsidize them so heavily. Not only is the car’s price subsidized, but it’s “fuel” source is as well. I’d rather these SJWs pay just like gas cars users do. When SJW parks his/her vehicle for a 4 hour fill-up…they slide their credit card and get charged the going rate that everybody pays during that time of the day (if they’re in ON that would be quite an expensive credit card bill especially if they’re charging up during work hours while their car is parked at work). I won’t go into the hypocrisy of equating electricity to “clean” fuel.

  • tom_billesley

    Lots of new jobs will appear, “environmental cost assessor”, “carbon intensity accountant”, “carbon footprint auditor”, “environmental community responsibility officer”, “corporate energy image improvement manager” and the like. Whole new departments will be created. All dead wood as far as organization health and growth is concerned. This is just what happened with government initiatives on “diversity”.

  • Gary

    Electric cars are not designed for brutal Winters where the Heaters suck power and getting stuck in snow dorsn’t help unless the Batteries are made Universal to have a Roadside help truck swap your dead Cell and pull you out of the snow .