Corbella: Couple warns their daughter could have died under new GSA law

The parents of a southern Alberta autistic girl are warning other parents that had Bill 24 been the law over the past two years, their 14-year-old daughter very likely could have committed suicide.

  • BillyHW

    Rachel Notley is a cunt. (I just speak the truth.)

  • Exile1981

    From personal experience, all it takes is one SJW principal upset at the parents to ‘accuse’ a child of suicidal thoughts to be visited by social services. Even when the child tells social services that the principal asked them to come up with a way to commit suicide.

    It took 40 parents, legal action and dozens of these BS accusations versus local families before the principal was removed. In the end I suspect it was the drop of 70% enrollment that got her fired.

  • CodexCoder

    Because there are no personal consequences for the SJWs that try social experiments, they will continue unabated. When SJWs become directly responsible for bad ideas and are punished for those ideas, then and only then will the rate of social change decrease.

    That which is rewarded or left unpunished will continue, that which is punished is curtailed or eliminated.