Anti-Christian Bigots Blame Taliban Suicide Bombings On US Servicemen

I hope this offends.

How Many More Religiously Insensitive ‘Mistakes’ is Our Military Going to Make at Bagram Airfield?

Just over two months ago, a Taliban suicide bomber blew himself up at an entrance to Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, killing an Afghan interpreter and wounding three U.S. soldiers and three Afghan troops. The reason for the attack? The U.S. military had dropped leaflets in the area that were highly offensive to Muslims, depicting a lion chasing a dog — the lion representing the U.S.- led coalition and the dog representing the Taliban — with the Muslim profession of faith, “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet,” printed on the dog, an animal considered unclean by many Muslims. The attack came hours after Major General James Linder issued an apology for the “religiously insensitive material” — an apology in which the general chalked the design of the leaflets up to a “mistake.”

This crap was cooked up by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), true swine.