The wrath of the do-gooders

Are bien pensant observers the most hateful people in politics?

Everyone agrees that to be left-wing and liberal is to be a better, more caring and compassionate human being. It proves what an enlightened and open-minded person you are. It sets you apart from conservatives and right-wingers, those selfish and nasty folk who are obviously racist, oafish and horrid. I mean, just look at Nigel Farage, Donald Trump and people of that ilk. Aren’t they ghastly?

  • When one’s state-run church is no better than the post office, one should not be that surprised when it becomes nutty.

  • Alain

    Taking by force other people’s money to give to others has nothing to do with compassion, and certainly does not make a person a good person. In fact it is immoral. That however is the Left.

  • Wayne Petersen

    According to the cultural Marxists, values outweigh morals.