Sorry, Charlie, Perverts Are Not Society’s Fault

There’s a neat little trick the liberals who’ve been outed as sexual predators have been attempting that is designed to absolve themselves of some of the guilt associated with their actions – blaming everyone.

I’m not talking about blaming the victims, that is still something reserved for conservative women. No, I’m talking about blaming society for their actions.

  • Alain

    Nothing new since the Left has been pushing that rubbish for decades. Any doubts just take a look at the “criminal justice” system and the prison system. In Canada convicts have more rights and benefits than working Canadians, thanks to leftist judicial activist judges while the victims have zero.

  • Gary

    On Friday i saw a Democrat in the Media try to makes this rampant assault by Liberal and Democrats a Male problem.
    That will die once the Liberal Lesbians in Hollywood and Politics get exposed for their Pedophilia to assault like girls and have managed to hide it with money and the fake Marriage to a women or adopt a child .
    Bill Clinton was never meant to be married just like Bob Crane that was only dumped by Disney and TV studios for being Married for the image but like porn and fooled around with single hot chicks.

    Justin Trudeau does not appear to be that type that should get married because he still acts like a horny 18 year old .

    In 1989 on December 6th we had our first mass-slaughter by Jihad when a muslim student entered a school to execute 20 female students on the List he had for those offending allah by getting Educated in Canada to take jobs from men.
    The Liberals and feminists hijacked this Sharia inspired slaughter by a MUSLIM to make it a Male problem that tricked Naomi Klein where that crime was what she said made her want to be a Feminist and end male violence against women in Canada.
    Sadly, Klein can be seen in many Pro-hamas rallies to speak to the ‘ Free-Palestine’ pro-sharia muslims that are using her as they stupid Liberal jewish female that they will behead once she is no longer needed.

    When the Shafia males ,from Afganistan , honour-killed 4 of the female members in the family for NOT wearing the Hijab ….we heard CAIR , NAC , STAR and the CBC call it a domestic violence issue by males .