Sarsour, not Trump, most likely TIME’s person of the year

Back and forth it goes. President Trump says he had it in the bag, but turned it down, so far as being named TIME magazine’s person of the year, 2017.

Never happened, say the magazine’s editors. Trump was never in the running.

Why Trump cares about this in the first place is a mystery. In case he forgot, he was last year’s choice.

Anyway, he is the president for the next four years…and hopefully the next eight years…so what’s the big deal?

  • deplorabledave
  • JoKeR
  • Raymond Cameron

    Adolf Hitler got the title in 1938.

    • Observer

      Kim Il-Un for 2017!

  • Watchman

    Trump’s ego is his most annoying features and is one of his biggest weaknesses. Everything he does has to be bigger, better, faster, more efficient than anything others have done. Even when his claims are obviously factually false. His claim that his inauguration had the most ever attending was one of his first factually incorrect claims as POTUS. He doesn’t need to do this, and he doesn’t need to counter-tweet stupid tweets as this elevates his opponents’ arguments.

    • Hard Little Machine

      There has never been a president with a titanically large self regard as Obama. He makes Mussolini or Kanye West look humble.

      • Watchman

        That may be so, but Obama did’t just get mad and tweet about it, he used the institutions of government to make sure he got even. DOJ, CIA, FBI, NSA, and the IRS did his bidding and yet there seems to have been no smoking gun left that would be indictable.

        • Hard Little Machine

          Different style – a passive aggressive “I can’t help that you feel about my egregious behavior!” approach. The reality is that for better or worse Trump is the first president since Hoover with a lifetime of experience outside of government in the private sector having to deal with people who are just as awful as politicians but less polished. In a similar track, ex governors make terrible congressmen because they’re used to not having to collaborate with people.

  • Nermal

    Didn’t Time used to be a serious international magazine? Long time ago, I got a good memory.

  • Watchman
  • Watchman

    My vote: Harvey Weinstein, with the face of his companion done with a mirrored appliqué, so women can put themselves in the picture.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Sarsour, Kapernick, Hillary, ‘The Resistance’, Antifa, are ALL good candidates.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Who still reads Time anyway?