Libs killing business one kilowatt at a time

Skyrocketing hydro rates are forcing many Ontario manufacturers to close, lay off employees or move south of the border.

Hydro rates have increased so dramatically under Ontario’s Liberal government, that the province’s once-cheap electricity prices are now the highest in the country. As a consequence, officials from American states are wooing Ontario businesses.

And it’s working.

  • Cat-astrophe

    If the plan is to make Canada unaffordable, it seems to be working.

    • Observer

      It’s still affordable to refugees living off of tax paying Canadians.

  • BillyHW

    But our leader licks carpet!

  • Linda1000

    O/T – is Toronto going crazy because of the Grey Cup win?

  • Gary

    I’ve commented before about a few Inventions I had based on an variation of non-accessible non-Green items in almost every homes .
    The plans to build a Plant in Canada and employ the disabled had quickly died when the Patents had to be Bilingual with endless edits for French words that weren’t the same as the English definition . Then the Liberal ECO-Laws and studies on top of Labour laws and HST rules and Human Rights for employees with special needs based on religion .
    IF everything had gone well I found out that it would be 6 years to get a shovel in the ground and then just over 2 more for the Plant in the best case and weather and then train the workers where most of the seniors i want to help with Accessible Kitchens would be dead before just 1 product got to the retailer.
    I’m now working on a demo DVD CAD file for the concept to find buyers that already make the items I improved on or to License it with a per-Unit royalty.

    I got the impression that Ontario liberals wanted to meet their GREEN goals by making Business so tough to produce items here that they would get made in China to import where that nation pollutes their air and kills their people on top of slave labour so Canada get cheap products that created more Minimum wage retail part time jobs with no future to make then very dependent on the State for socials benefits and thus a Liberal voter-4-life .

    Canada looks like the Liberal plan is to have only the Government employees with huge salaries and gold-plated pensions and those on Welfare
    where both are kept happy with raises and Welfare rates increased with more free stuff .
    But when the Ponzi scheme implodes once the money runs out… The Liberals will have fences around their mansion while the peons kill each other for food .

    • Watchman

      The eco-warrior usual answer to the claim that manufacturing is being driven overseas to places like China which is actually far less efficient in its use of energy and materials and is more likely to be a high polluter than Canadian manufacture. A quick search found page 21 of showing that the inefficiency of countries like Russia and China in energy usage.

  • Watchman

    Expect a future Wynne press conference:
    Wynne: “We have worked hard to reduce out industrial and manufacturing carbon footprint by over 75%. We are proud of our efforts in the fight against Climate Disruption and associated global warming.”
    Dissenter: “You have killed every manufacturer plant in Ontario: there are none remaining. All the stuff is now being made in China and the USA and we have to import it. It still has to be made and our plants were even more efficient than the Chinese ones.”
    Wynne: “Some compromises had to be made, and I’m sure the benefits of lower Ontario carbon emissions will be apparent by the year 2100. We need to be the leaders to show that Ontario is amongst the world’s top eco-friendly provinces.”
    Wynne: “Thank you for coming. We need to wrap this up before the rolling brown-outs hit this area.”

  • ontario john

    But we have great homosexual parades!

  • Hard Little Machine

    Good news. Come to America. “We Can’t Possibly Screw It Up Worse” is our new motto.