Kathleen Sebelius turns on Hillary Clinton: Where feminism has brought us all

From Mark Steyn:

On Friday night Mark joined Brian Kilmeade on Fox News to discuss former Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius becoming the latest Democrat to abandon the Clintons. More.

Reality check: I commented at Mark’s site:

Re Kathleen Sebelius: Surely most voters of whatever stripe will see how cynical her approach is. Now that Clinton is no longer a source of money, status, and power, Sebelius suddenly admits the obvious. Why would anyone want either of them in power again?

I like to play a little game: Suppose I were a friend of Sebelius’s sister and owed the sister a really big favour. The sister says, you must help me brainstorm something for Kathleen to tell Those Awful People at Fox News. What can she say that wouldn’t make her sound as bad as she is?

Okay. Um. How about this:

I am deeply sorry for having gone along with Bill’s predations and Hillary’s attempts to defend him. But the truth is, I was afraid. I was truly terrified. There are people in my party who are totally focused on power at any cost. And I want them out.

Now that we have lost an election that we – and everyone else – expected us to win, maybe we can have the conversations needed to power them down. I don’t want to focus on the Clintons. Yes, they’re to blame for many specifics (I’m not necessarily the best source for a lot of that stuff).

But it’s really a bigger problem than them. We have lost touch with the people who used to put us in office and we need to earn their trust again. I’ve started on that already. [cite details]

She could have said these things if she meant them. And what could her opponents say? That she oughtn’t to have been frightened of what so many other women were? That she shouldn’t try for a fresh start?

One fears that at heart she just wishes Hillary had won and then none of those women would matter. This is where feminism has brought us.

Our American friend adds, “These people are amoral monsters who will do and say anything for power. Can’t be reasoned with. ”

Never forget that more American women vote Dem than GOP and you pretty much know all you need to: They disenfranchised themselves. (Yes, there was Roy Moore but he is something of an outlier. As Erica Jong explained, a Presidential ‘f*ckabout’ was far better than a ‘fascist pig’ like Kenneth Starr.”)

See also: At American Thinker: Sex uproar a psychodrama that forces Clinton exit? Mmmm… yes.


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