Justice Prevails… Zimbabwe: Robert Mugabe to get $10m payoff and immunity for his family

Ousted president was also promised that his salary would continue to be paid for life, reveals senior Zanu-PF official

I can’t help but think how Ontario has come to resemble Zimbabwe…

  • Watchman

    Are white Ontario farmers being tortured and murdered by representatives of the Ontario government, as what has been happening in Zimbabwe for many years?

    • David Murrell

      No, and I get your point. But if and when a different party gets in, that party should undertake a police investigation on the massive graft and corruption that has been going on under the nororiuos Wynne government. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ms. Wynne relocates out of Ontario.

  • simus1

    Bob Mu and his “friends” are just going through the marxist motions. The end game will be zero sum and mostly involve stealing from him what he has stolen from others

  • Spatchcocked

    Usually the incoming dictator eats the outgoing dictator.

    I see a slipping of standards here…..not punctilious at all….not very “tribal”.

    • Jaedo Drax

      See in the next election all the opposition leader has to do is say”look at what he stole from the country, stole from you the people, and the new president let him keep it”

      assuming there is another election.

  • ECM

    So, like a terrorist in Canada, terrorists in Zim get a 10-mil payout. It’s good work to be a bloodthirsty, anti-white/civilizational maniac, if you’re living in the right country.

    • Will Quest

      They should hang the syphilitic old baboon and his crazy side-kick Gracie …

  • tom_billesley

    promised that his salary would continue to be paid for life
    Bob should worry about his security if that was readily agreed in negotiation.

  • Tooth&Claw

    I suspect Mugabe won’t live long enough to collect. A shiv in the middle of the night is his destiny I think.

  • P_F

    To be paid $10 million. In Zimbabwean dollars I presume.