Immigration Encourages Workplace Discrimination Against Americans, Says Report

Establishment support for legal mass immigration is allowing and concealing large-scale illegal discrimination by U.S. employers against American blue-collar workers, says a new report.

In American AffairsPennsylvania professor Amy Wax and D.C.-based researcher Jason Richwine describe many underreported academic studies which show immigration-enabled discrimination

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  • Clausewitz

    BREAKING: 9th Circuit Judge overturns Trump’s turkey pardon

    Nov 22, 2017

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    “The EEOC settled a … Hispanics-only hiring case last year for $1 million against Lawler Foods, a commercial bakery in Humble. The agency accused the bakery of favoring Hispanic workers and telling black, white and other applicants it would not hire them. The company was able to create a Hispanic-dominated workforce for its production line by relying on Hispanic employees to recruit friends and family, and advertising for Spanish speakers when the company had openings, according to the EEOC lawsuit.”

    This is actualy way more common than most pople will admit and anti-white discrimination by Hispanics and Orientals is pretty dramatic.

  • BillyHW

    3rd world immigration is immoral and undermines our workers.

  • Gary

    It’s been like that in Toronto where the Diversity quotas for non-citizens and non-white has turned Toronto into a 51% non-white City that has about 10 years or less before it’s a 3rd World crap-hole .
    The Diversity system draws in non-whites to fill the quota but as the % for Toronto goes up the Quota is always higher than the National % even when National Corp’s are in Toronto and want to reflect Canada’s make-up and NOT Toronto’s mosaic ghettos unskilled ESL populations.
    When the CBC was under pressure to hire Blacks right after the 1992 Yonge Street riot . They didn’t want a Toronto people with a heavy accent on top of ebonics that had a fake Degree from Humber for Broadcasting and Journalism.
    The CBC hire Suhana Meharchand , a women from an India background that was raised in an English area of South African but she was Brown . They also hired Ian Hanomansing that is from an India family background and born in Trinidad and did minor job in radio on the East coast until the CBC hired him in 1986 and move him to Vancouver among Brown people issues in BC.
    In the late 1990’s these 2 were parachuted in key positions for National News based in Toronto. I don’t care about their colour but the CBC jumps on any issue for Racism to bash white people but wouldn’t hire Blacks born in Canada and when the Media did start to hire those from the caribbean it was Harold Hosein at CITY- TV that was also from Trinidad even when the Yonge St riot was by Caribbean youth but they were mainly from Jamaican parents .
    Now Desmond Cole has become our Al Sharpton to cry racism to all Blacks when we know Toronto has a Jamaican culture crisis in welfare housing for the Guns, Gangs and drugs.
    Every time a sweet innocent boy is shot dead and is black ….we are all suppose to ignore the Mother’s jamaican accent from the “targeted” communities which David Miller invented to fool people that didn’t know it was Leftist speak for BLACK area.

    The CBC now needs Muslms as CITY TV does and I noticed they both won’t go near Somali’s or the devout middle east accent muslim .
    It’s all a fraud where the TRUE racists are high up in Politics and Government corporations because Toronto still has WHITE areas that are safe but the $700,000.00 homes from, the early 1990’s are now about $4 million .

    Scratch a Liberal to remove the veneer and you’ll find a racist .

  • Observer

    In Canada we DON’T need to be importing Temporary Foreign Workers.

    There are plenty of Canadians who can be nannies.

    Tim Horton’s didn’t need to bring in foreigners under TFW to work in their stores. They just wanted cheap labour who would do overtime without pay.

    I am sure there is a lot more that is going on that is never reported that we don’t know about.

    • canminuteman

      A Tim Horton’s in my town recently closed because the neighbourhood has become such a cesspool. Apparently the cops where getting called by the staff so often that Tim Horton’s decided to shut it down. A day later there were construction fences around the building and all corporate identifiers were gone.

  • Hard Little Machine

    In tech firms if you are a straight white male you are on notice that you are living on borrowed time. If you are a freshly scrubbed tech student looking to get a job in the industry if you are a straight white male you have approximately zero chance of being hired. We still hire Chinese and Korea straight males and Indians and Arabs of course. But that’s it. And non white Hispanics, for now. But if you’re a straight white male and a US citizen then you wasted your time in college and you need to think seriously about finding a new direction. They won’t hire you. Period.

    • Observer

      You are mostly correct.

      You are initially hired to create the app or concept and then you are kept on to train your replacement on what you created. Then you are fired and your replacement gets to do the minor updates on what you created but is the property of your original employer.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    This confirms Trump’s campaign spiel.