Hydro One sale toxic for Wynne


Premier Kathleen Wynne’s decision to sell control of Hydro One to the private sector is turning into a political albatross around her neck.

While it gave her a temporary infusion of cash to balance the provincial budget this year and fund some infrastructure projects, it’s undermining Wynne’s political brand with voters heading into the June election.

The latest controversy, first reported by the Toronto Sun last week, is a proposal from Hydro One before the Ontario Energy Board asking for permission to install pre-payment meters in the homes of people in arrears on their electricity bills.

  • simus1

    “Control” is still with GLLKDW and a bevy of friendly rent seekers the last time I checked.

  • DMB

    In other Ontario provincial politics news P.C. leader Patrick Brown has received such wonderful reviews from the Toronto Star since Brown is almost everything they want in a party leader (except that he is white). Patrick Brown is also bragging about his hairstyle much like Justin does and gives plenty of other fluff answers involving his personal life such growing up in Toronto and pledging one day that he will get married and have a “wife”. Brown has indeed been working hard as leader of the P.C.’s appeasing the Toronto downtown Liberal elite and the editorial board of the Toronto Star.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      He should be forced to change his culturally-appropriating last name…I’m triggered by the micro-aggression to my sensibilities……

    • Waffle

      I kept throwing up in my mouth as I read this gag-worthy piece. It was really hard to assign it any credibility whatsoever. So I kept asking myself, what is really going on here? The only thing that i could come up with is that even the batshit crazy Toronto Star and its socialist-revering writers have so fallen out of love with the Wynne Liberals that they see little choice but to endorse the aspiring PC party and its leader.

      Sorry, but I cannot bring myself, so early in the day, to call these creatures ‘conservatives’.

      Patsy Brownnose is so devoid of substance or gravitas, the only thing the inquiring journo from the Red Star and Crescent could find a hook on was hair and image advice from his sister! Really?????

      What I’d like to know is when Patsy is going to come out of the closet and make an honest man (?) out of himself. After all, it’s 2017.

      • DMB
        • Waffle

          Seriously??? You just ruined my whole day!

          • DMB

            I’m sorry! 🙁

          • Waffle

            Please tell me this is a hoax, fake news, whatever. Pleeez!!!

          • DMB

            I wish I could. Ontario must declare insolvency and restructure to deal with the massive problems in our health care system, high interest payments on servicing the debt, education, public sector unions before any meaningful change can be made. None of this will occur out of political change it will occur when the interest payments on servicing the debt becomes so high that it surpasses funding to all other major social programs combined.

          • Waffle

            We must be at that tipping point now. We have been hanging by a thread for sometime now. It is truly breathtaking

            Conrad Black said something very interesting the other day in his column on the persecution of Lindsay Shepherd at Laurier U. He called for the deunionization of teachers. Was anyone paying attention? Does anybody read an article or a column from start to finish anymore? Or have we become a nation of headline readers as the blurbs crawl across the bottom of the screen?

            Philosophizing aside, quite honestly I do not see anyone on the horizon who has the cajones to make the tough decisions necessary for a meaningful restructuring’

          • Maggat

            ” deunionization of teachers” and ALL of the civil services across Canada is the only way we can even begin to turn the tide to the saving of Canada as a viable country.

  • canminuteman

    They have to do something because pretty soon we will all be in arrears. Seriously though, I have gas heating, and gas hot water. A few years ago I got a gas stove and my hydro bill went down twenty percent. It’s hard to tell what it did to the gas bill because of seasonal changes and equal billing, but it made no noticeable difference. When my dryer craps out and needs replacing, it will be replaced with a gas drier.

  • DMB