How nutty adjuncts are slipping into local colleges

A Russian spy, a “sperminator” who’s fathered 29 kids and a radical who revels in the thought of “dead cops.” Meet the esteemed CUNY faculty shaping young minds.

Many of these nutty professors are adjuncts, part-time instructors who are barely vetted and often hired on the fly just days before classes start, sources told The Post.

  • Ed

    Taking these fuckers out is becoming a new sport.

    Take the Laurier “profs.” With the publicity their case has generated, and with tenure now safely out of reach, the black haired oaf can look to a future where he’s “unpacking” (his favorite word) actual crates at the local warehouse, and where if he applies himself, he might make it to the top of the wage grid, at $16.35/hr.

    One at a time… take em out.

    • Observer

      They aren’t “nutty”. They are subversives, only there to undermine society.

      • simus1

        “Friends of friends” without a doubt.
        Rats always feel more comfortable with lots more of their “diverse” kind on hand

      • Watchman

        I’d tend to favour “Nutty and Subversive”

    • Watchman

      Working in a low paid job, with maybe a $200,000 debt that he has little chance now of ever paying off. His decision though. It’s the nearest thing to slavery that the Western world could possibly arrange, and he willingly chose that path.

  • Watchman

    “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”
    In order to teach you need a higher degree, and those who are doing (i.e. productive members of society who understand capitalism by practicing it) are not going to waste their time getting a piece of paper with the words “Master” or “Doctor of Philosophy” on it.

    So the only ones getting teaching jobs are those too useless to get a useful productive career and may have never got a job outside a university before they have the ‘PhD’ suffix to their title. These people are almost certainly going to be leftists, especially if their education is outside the STEM fields. People with conservative ideologies are going to find themselves isolated or not even given passes for their work by the existing cabal of leftist academics. The leftist academic world excludes those who think differently and directly favour employing leftist junior academics.

    • Dave

      Your post NEEDS to be drilled into the minds of h/s students from grade 8 onwards until they finish their education(s)
      I’ve told all who’ll listen the “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.” mantra and, so far, so good, most of our kids, family and friends kids etc. seem to have taken heed and are appliying themselves in proper trades and businesses. Maybe there is a glimmer of hope.

      • Watchman

        I appreciate your efforts to counter the leftist garbage their leftist teachers and lecturers try to inculcate them with.

  • Hard Little Machine

    No one cares. They could all die tomorrow and the world would be a better place