Girl Guides to let transgender members shower with the girls


h/t tom_billesley

Teenage boys, who dress or live as a girl, will also be able to use the same changing rooms, showers and toilets as females when away from home on trips.

The controversial move comes after the group, formerly the Girl Guides Association, changed its “girls only” rule to allow transgender girls born male to join.

Yesterday the Girlguiding movement was criticised for allowing itself to be manipulated by an “extreme minority.”

“It is a shocking and ultimately sad story that the Girl Guides would decide to destroy themselves in this way,” said Laura Perrins, a former barrister and family campaigner, now co-editor of The Conservative Woman.

…It emerged in January that boys who identified as girls could join the Guides for the first time.

…Girlguiding UK had no record of the number, if any, of transgender members.