ESPN crumbling because progressivism is not about providing entertainment

It’s about forcing people to do things. From Benny Johnson at Daily Caller:

According to reports, $80 million in salaries will be cut from the network between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Estimates say between 60 and 100 employees will be let go.

The cuts are certainly due to a nearly $1 billion dollar budget shortfall by the Disney-owned network over the last six years. ESPN has lost over 13 million subscribers in the same time.

ESPN staff have become familiar with layoffs in recent years. One hundred employees were let go this April and 300 employees were fired in 2015. More.

Reality check: It might have worked in North Korea.

See also: Politically correct sports network continues to decline. It’s interesting how political correctness immediately ceases to be viable when separated from coercive politics.

  • deplorabledave

    `The good news keep coming. MAGA

  • canminuteman

    If letting a hundred people go sames them 80,000,000 dollars in wages, those are some pretty well paid people. I hope they have been putting some money in the bank, they’ll need it.

    • Exile1981

      I was thinking the same thing… 800k per employee? Obviously propoganda pays very well.

  • Hard Little Machine

    80 million is like a third of the starters on any NFL team for one year. There’s still a fortune to be made. ESPN is cutting staff partially because of money but also because they simply don’t need a lot of people to read tweets and facebook posts and scream and pout on air. It doesn’t require that many people to put that show on.

    BTW another reason people are turning off the NFL is that the TV contracts are so expensive that they’ve actually changed the game to put more breaks in the action so that they can stuff even more ads in. The game itself is not as interesting or entertaining anymore when they pause the game every 45 seconds for a 2 minute ad.