Could the cultural left be facing bankruptcy?

From our American friend, John Gilmore, at Alpha News,

Bill Clinton’s Tab Coming Due Bankrupts The Cultural Left

In mere months a swath of cultural and political overlords who previously reigned supreme, only rarely successfully challenged and only then momentarily, have been destroyed by the acid of their hypocrisy being made public in the most excruciating ways possible. Some would say delicious ways and I would be among them.

Legendary producer and Oscar generator Harvey Weinstein was finally revealed for the pig that he has been for years. Rape charges are not out of the question and will provide yet another shock to the degenerate, bloated corpse known as Hollywood. It is now easier to find someone there who knew about his behavior than someone who did not. Moralizing against mainstream America is a feature at the hours long bore fest known as the Academy Awards. La la land can never again be seen except through the prism of hypocrisy, deceit and decay. Cue the applause sign.

As if this weren’t enough, the unctuous Kevin Spacey went on his own decades long sexual abuse spree only his was against men as opposed to Weinstein’s against women. Ah, Hollywood diversity. More.

Reality check: No! The cultural left can’t go bankrupt until a number of trans harassment scandals surface too! Equality in diversity. Grab a beverage and read the rest.

See also: Jonah Goldberg on rewriting history to excuse Democrat sexual predators “The consensus, as [Erica] Jong expressed it, was that a Presidential ‘f*ckabout’ was far better than a ‘fascist pig’ like Kenneth Starr.”