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Children show implicit racial attitudes from a young age, research confirms

White children show signs of implicit racism from the age of five by favouring people with the same skin colour, according to new research.
Academics from the University of Bristol and York University in Toronto measured the automatic attitudes of 359 white children aged five to 12-years-old by testing their preferences of unknown white and black children in photographs.
While there was no evidence of automatic negativity toward black people, they demonstrated automatic positivity in response to white people.

French Author: Divide France to Avoid “Civil War” with Muslims

De Moliner proposes what essentially is a quasi-Sharia state within France, where Muslims who so choose could live by the Koran. He writes that they “will have the right to vote … but they will apply Shariah in everyday life, to regulate matrimonial laws (which will legalize polygamy) and inheritance. They will no longer apply to French judges for disputes between Muslims, but to Cadis. On the other hand, conflicts between Christians and believers will remain the responsibility of ordinary courts.”

Gov’t reaches agreement in principle with LGBT group

A lawyer says a group of people seeking to sue the government over alleged state-sanctioned persecution for their sexual orientation have reached an agreement in principle.
Doug Elliott says details of the agreement will be released on Tuesday to coincide with the apology.
The agreement comes ahead of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s promised apology, which will acknowledge how members of the military, RCMP and civil service were discriminated against on the basis of their sexual orientation between the 1950s and 1990s.

For the third time in two weeks migrant riots in ‘hellhole’ Brussels

More Riots in Brussels today. During a demonstration against slavery in the Belgian capital, the situation escalated completely. It’s the third time in two weeks that police loses control over the city’s centre.

According to Belgian news sources the demonstration of “Africa Liberation” started peacefully at about 2 pm. After a while thugs started destroying and plundering stores in the city centre.

At least one police vehicle and several stores were damaged during the riots. A helicopter, a water cannon and several police forces were needed to take back control.

Population growth: Migratory increase overtakes natural increase

While the mathematics of population growth is simple, the dynamics behind the drivers of demographic changes are more complex. Over Canada’s 150-year history, there have been many.

In recent times, the contribution of natural increase to population growth has waned as the Canadian population aged and fertility rates declined. Today, natural increase accounts for less than one-third of Canada’s population growth and has ceased to be the major player in the equation.