Church of Sweden to stop calling God Lord so much: Too male

From The Telegraph:

“We talk about Jesus Christ, but in a few places we have changed it to say ‘God’ instead of ‘he’,” Church of Sweden spokesperson Sofija Pedersen Videke told The Telegraph. “We have some prayer options that are more gender-neutral than others.”

Readers, how many years do you give them before they decide that the scandal is not that Jesus is thought to be God but that he is thought to be a man?

Anyone or anything can be God but being male is bad, right?

The decision was met with some criticism. Christer Pahlmblad, an associate theology professor at Lund University in Sweden, told Danish newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad that the decision was “undermining the doctrine of the Trinity and the community with the other Christian churches.” More.

Reality check: The key difficulty is that Christianity understands itself as a nuclear family in which God is Father, Jesus is our brother, etc.

The whole thing is totally politically incorrect and could not survive in pre-Muslim Sweden.

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  • Tom Forsythe

    According to the Bible, God’s preferred pronouns are “He, Him, His.”

    • Alain

      That is clear in the Torah in Hebrew.

  • Millie_Woods

    They’re changing The Lords Prayer to the Good Buddy Prayer. It starts out ‘Our Pal Who Art in Heaven’.

    • Alain

      Oh my no, that won’t do, because it still is about the male sex.

  • Ed

    When your pews are empty, you can take whatever position you like without consequence.

    • canminuteman

      The United Church that hosts my sons’ scout troop holds workshops on Buddhism!! I can’t even fathom the level of insanity. That being said, once a year they have a church service where the scouts are invited and I would be surprised if there is a member there who is under 70. Oh well, when they close it down it can reopen as a mosque for the Syrian “refugees” who were dumped on us.

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops

    “The whole thing is totally politically incorrect and could not survive in pre-Muslim Sweden.”

    After the Muslims take over they won’t be calling Allah “she”.

    • Observer

      And they’ll be facing downwards where Allah lives.

      • The Deplorable Rosenmops

        You bet.