But does today’s unemployable millennial even need a liberal education?

From Scott Johnson at Powerline:

Today’s identity politics . . . teaches the exact opposite of what we think a liberal arts education should be. When I was at Yale in the 1980s, I was given so many tools for understanding the world. By the time I graduated, I could think about things as a utilitarian or as a Kantian, as a Freudian or a behaviorist, as a computer scientist or as a humanist. I was given many lenses to apply to any given question or problem.

But what do we do now? Many students are given just one lens—power. Here’s your lens, kid. Look at everything through this lens. Everything is about power. Every situation is analyzed in terms of the bad people acting to preserve their power and privilege over the good people. This is not an education. This is induction into a cult. It’s a fundamentalist religion. It’s a paranoid worldview that separates people from each other and sends them down the road to alienation, anxiety and intellectual impotence. . . .More.

Reality check: It’s hard to find a place in the workforce at present for people whose only accomplishments are whining, protesting, screaming, setting cars on fire, perpetrating hate hoaxes, and bashing people around.

However, progressives expected to so dominate politics for so long that they could use any number of such people as Orwell’s outer party: the people who manufacture the propaganda and deal proactively with doubt. That’s one of the factors in Trump Derangement Syndrome. It’s not about Trump. It’s about their dashed hopes for easy subjugation of free peoples.

See also: But what exactly is the function of a hate crime hoax in a student’s life? A real racist today is far more likely to be claiming that algebra is racist (not teaching hard skills is a great way to hold back minority students who are already miseducated in union/’crat-run school systems).

  • Hard Little Machine

    Why stop them? There’s no downside. They go down the black hole of student debt and they’ll never get a meaningful job. They self limit the swath of their own destruction

    • Exile1981

      If were lucky the debt is so crippling they never crawl out enough to start a family. That means no kids minds for them to poison.

      • Watchman

        Having no children because you can’t afford them is a rational decision. These people are not rational.

        • Exile1981

          Ugg. good point

    • Alain

      The problem is that we all end up having to pay off their debts at some point. Defaulting on a loan/debt does not mean it goes unpaid thanks to the government. When I first started teaching in the 60s I still recall a fellow teacher of the same age, who bragged about the fact that he had no intention of paying off his student loan. As I had worked while attending university I did not have a student loan, but this fellow had no interest in working during his free time. He never did pay off the loan, but the rest of us did through our taxes.

      • Hard Little Machine

        Now if don’t make an attempt to pay you can lose professional licenses. See how far spending the rest of your life at near minimum wage takes you

  • Chris

    The plethora of useless topics being studied in post secondary education is but another symptom of the greater problem that faces soon to be former democratic nations. Bureaucratic fiefdoms are created who’s sole purpose is to expand its reach and power and in doing so become ever more insulated from the people who they claim to be caring for. Toronto spends $250 million plus a year on the homeless problem and has yet to remove one person from the street. By doing the math, the city could buy each homeless person a house valued at $200 000 each and every year! So you tell me, who is this money benefiting? Each year the federal government spends $10 billion plus on Indian affairs and yet there are still reserves who don’t have clean drinking water, people living under conditions so squalid that you’d think they lived in a country that had to struggle to look up to the third world. Who is this money benefiting? I could go on an on citing the examples but it would serve no point because the people have been brainwashed into believing that the government exists to provide everything one needs to live a prosperous life. Tim Hudak was taking way too small baby steps when he said he would let go of 100 000 civil servants. In Ontario alone almost 20% of the population works for one level of government or another and that is so unsustainable that ever increasing amounts of money are required to cover up the cracks that are threatening to swallow us whole. If Canada has any hope of seeing the turn of the next century then fully half of all government employees must be removed from the public payroll. Without a glut of people who’s only job is to come up with reasons to justify their existence, the country would be in a position to actually lead the rest of the world into an era of prosperity unequaled in human existence.

  • Clausewitz