Asylum seeking imam found guilty of calling for killing, burning of non-practicing Muslims

An Ethiopian imam seeking asylum in Switzerland has been found guilty of inciting violence, local media report. The imam called for the killing and burning of Muslims who refused to join communal prayers, and also distributed execution photos online.

  • Watchman

    Turdeau will accept that imam ‘refugee’ since he knows that the only reason the imam is angry is because he is poor, is unemployed, and Justin know that islam is actually a religion of peace and doesn’t actually say that. A lesser ex gratis payment of a million dollars should fix the poor issue, and a job with the Canadian government as a deradicalization expert should fix the unemployment issue. /sarc

  • Hard Little Machine

    But anyone who points this out let alone throws it back in their face will be branded a hate monger. We’re supposed to pretend that ‘we’re better than they are’. Somehow when we burn in the ovens as a result it will be a cleaner more eco friendly more morally smug fire. Good luck with that.

  • Millie_Woods

    So he was found guilty. Big deal. What are they going to do, reduce his welfare payments, cut off his internet, only issue him 3 marriage licences instead of 4? Unless the Swiss use a catapult to deport him back to Ethiopia, finding him guilty means nothing.

  • John Boy

    Islamic family values.