A Green Tries to Defend Eco-Terrorism

“We knew we were at risk for years in prison. But the nation needs to wake up now to what’s coming our way if we don’t reduce emissions boldly and fast; business as usual is now genocidal.

In shutting off the pipelines, we hoped to be part of that wake-up, to put ourselves in legal jeopardy in order to state dramatically and unambiguously that normal methods of political action and protest are simply not working with anywhere near the speed that we need them to.”

  • Ed

    Turn off the heat to their jail cells. See if pipeline fever abates.

  • robins111

    I’m of the opinion that this sabotage happens a lot more than the powers that be, let on. It strikes me that almost every time a pipeline gets close to being approved, that there is a spill in the general area of the line, and is reported breathlessly in teaspoons in the media.

    • Exile1981

      You would be correct. You would be surprised by how often bullet strikes are found against pipelines and surface equipment. We averaged 4 a month in just the area around swan hills.

      In the area west of red deer we had a 6 week period were someone sabotaged over 100 methanol pumps. Methanol is used to stop ice formation in the pipelines. An ice plug can have fatal consequences.

      In provost area there were 7 or 8 wells that had padlocks cut on pipeline vent valves and the valves opened to vent gas to the atmosphere.

      Thats one year -2010, for one producer and only the stuff in one district. They had 12 districts but I only saw the reports for 1.

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  • UCSPanther

    What would be a funny form of instant karma, is if some of these idiots tried to sabotage a sour gas line and got fumigated for their trouble…