The Left’s inescapable HATE problem: Their hate doesn’t count but YOUR hate should get you banned from everything

The Left has found a whole new weapon to silence conservative voices: “Hate.” The problem is, their hate doesn’t count. Only the hate they selectively designate to be “hate” is punished.

Here’s how the contortion works: Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other internet gatekeepers are increasingly banning and censoring users and content by rolling out terms of service that give them justification to silence anyone peddling “hate.” But what is hate, exactly?

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Any speech or point of view that disrupts popular narratives cherished by the left is “hate”.
    Hate speech is just another word for free speech that the left would rather not hear, or more importantly words that they would rather YOU not hear as it might spawn discussion that could lead in unpredictable directions.
    To be problematic is to be hateful.
    Instead of being a made up word like “racism” that they then infused with sanctimonious faux emotion, hatred is an existing word that they have repurposed and weaponized into a more broadly useful tool of oppression and censorship.

  • Millie_Woods

    We can talk about ‘hate’ until we’re blue in the face and argue over who the haters are but the bottom line is these people want to destroy us and when they talk about the genocide of whites, they mean it. They’ve gone from peace and love and the brotherhood of man to talk of genocide in 40 years. That’s what hate is. Imagine what it will be like in another 20, 30 years with all the backwards newcomers arriving. Believe me, this will not change until we’re ready to commit extreme violence in the defence of our people and civilization.

  • Gary

    How about the person that cited the quran in public and got arrested for a hate-crime against muslims.
    The Police didn’t care that the quran called for oppressing wives to beat them or that it was good to murder gays as a favour to allah. The Toronto Police get paid so much money now they are loyal to the pay check and no longer enforce Canada’s laws equally .
    Diversity has reduced many Cops to Social Workers with guns or a PR wing for Tourism Posters and pre-election photo-ops by the treasonous Politicians stealing out tax dollars to hire Mini-Cops that quickly fear for their life at the sight of a big suspect and shoot them first to find out later they are innocent .

    So , Imams can spew hatred and calls for murder gays an jews……but if a non-muslim repeats that in public it’s a hate-crime .