Terror suspect barred from McDonald’s because it has internet access

No McHappy Meals for Muslim terrorists, go to McMo’s in Hell.

A Muslim terrorist suspect has failed to convince a High Court judge to relax restrictions on him so he can take his children to McDonald’s.

The man, who was made subject of ‘terrorism prevention and investigation measures’ last year, claims the restrictions are also preventing him from seeing his family who live miles away.

  • David_Martin

    A bit hypocritical for a Mo to even want to go to McDonald’s – the food there is NOT halal and even if Mo orders fish – there are no procedures in the restaurant to prevent cross contamination.

    • zee

      He probably likes to scarf down a McRib when nobody’s looking.

  • Blacksmith

    Awwwww, poor little terrorist, can’t go to mcd of go and visit his terrorist family, too effin bad. the better solution would be to deport the whole clan so they can be together.

    • Malcolm Y

      Exactly. How much time and money spent trying to babysit these rag heads – can’t use the internet, how absurd, how are they going to ensure that.

      You know they hung Oliver Cromwell’s body, after he was dead and buried, from London Bridge as a example of what happens when you strike the king. They pursued him after death they were so pissed.

  • Tokenn

    Britain, not Canada. In any rational society, convicted terrorists would never see the light of day again….not be taking their families to fast food joints.

    • Bla Bla

      One day, this madness will end when our ‘benevolent’ masters in the public service go bankrupt and can borrow no more. It will eventually happen – then there will be no quarter for traitors and terrorists.

  • Bla Bla

    I miss the old UK of ‘draw and quarter’, they knew how to get rid of traitors way back when – before the subversion of the western nations by the zombie brain dead of socialism.