Sex abuse allegations expose the media’s hypocrisy on Trump

“Not every horny narcissist with bad judgment is named Donald Trump.”

That was the actual “reportage” of New York Times reporter Glenn Thrush last year, in an article referring to the online sexual exploits of former congressman Anthony Weiner.

It appears, in retrospect, that Thrush might well have been describing himself.

Now, as long-silent accusations of sexual harassment surface like so many whack-a-moles, Thrush is one of the latest casualties.


  • Dana Garcia

    Sweet when karma bites worthless lib hypocrites on the butt.

  • Watchman

    When Trump was first castigated for his locker room comments I took it to be just a ideologically partisan criticism, since I believe very few of these male (and female) critics would not have heard if not have participated in this locker room talk. Now it seems like they were projecting their own behaviour on Trump, essentially saying that this talk was proof that Trump was doing the things they were doing to associates and underlings.

    • Uncommunist

      It’s the progressive way : Pathological Liars all

  • Gary

    I still have Justin in the Canadian POOL for our 1st big Celeb that calls them self a Feminist to him their sexual assaults or even rapes .
    Look at the role model he is for his Son and Daughter while us older folks know what his Daddy Dearest was like based on how he treated Maggie in the public eye.

    Trudeau’s actions and verbal attack on female MP’s would NEVER be tolerated by the CBC if Harper did it as well as seeing how the CBC goes after Trump for allegation while Jian Ghomeshi was their Poster Person for Moderate islam by an Irani background shia Muslim to be protected.

    I watched a brief News clip about Anthony Weiner when he was Sentenced by a Judge, Say what??? Did I miss the media coverage and Late Night Comics attack this Democrat because he vanished from the News for his Child abuse and a sexual predator.
    Even our radio stations in Canada can’t stop doing reports or debates about Trump and sexual assault or racism. The CBC covered the protests over a George Bush visit where the Group wanted his arrested for war crimes…..but the CBC was silent when Castro was hear for Pierre Trudeau’s funeral , Bill Clinton’s recent visit while being a rapist and then the 2017 September visit by Obama when he had more illegals wars the Bush and the Arab Spring got 300,000 people killed while creating ISIS with Iraq and Syria as war zone.

    According to Liberals…’s okay when a man is a rapist , liar, wife beater or War criminal be they are THEIR rapist, wife beater or war criminal .

  • Hard Little Machine

    Their punishment should be unlubricated anal sodomy in public.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Every 10th one; public beheading with a sword. While their families watch

  • joan flaherty

    Schadenfreude! – a wonderful dish that can be enjoyed at any time!