Prince Mohammed bin Sultan Is Exactly Right: Iran Is the New Hitler

It’s too early to count chickens, to be sure, but there’s hope that Saudi Arabia may transform itself from a pre-modern tribal entity into an Arab nation-state in pursuit of modernization, and from a major (if not the major) source of terrorist financing to an American ally willing to find a modus vivendi with Israel. I hailed Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s purge of corrupt and rogue family elements as an unsung success of the Trump Administration in this space November 14. Since then, Saudi Arabia’s chief religious official denounced Hamas as a terrorist organization and declared that it was permissible for Arabs to collaborate with the Israeli Army against Hezbollah.

  • Waffle

    Good looking dude, but I think some trattoria is missing a tablecloth.

    • ntt1

      and some petting zoo is missing its star goat.

    • Linda1000

      Meow, he has to look the part while “in country”.

  • ntt1

    Still islamic? then still nazi. Wahabism is the foundation of Saudi islam ,it is that puritanical group which fosters hatred and destruction. Don’t be fooled , They might adopt a few trappings of civility but their heart is as dark and murderous as ever.

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      Typically I would agree with you, but I think this cat is just a little bit different.
      Check him out, and if I’m wrong, we can always go back to hating on him. 🙂

      • Linda1000

        This is the first time in 20 years and longer that a leader like MbS has emerged for Saudi. So far, it seems like he’s doing a decent job cleaning up corruption. It appears he has a true vision and a plan to move the country forward with a definite end goal. My money is on this guy as he is showing he is determined and not backing away from anything. He’s only 32 years old and it’s amazing he took on the job as he certainly had other choices. I think the younger people in Saudi will appreciate and back him totally once they see some of the improvements he is going to make in their country. They all want change and more balance instead the restrictive life under hardline islam. The Saudi women already love him because they can now drive and they will likely play a more active role in gov’t from now on also.

        • DMB

          Saudi Arabia has a long way to go to absolve and rehabilitate itself from its past and current wrong doing. Mainly Saudi Arabia was and still is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. Between western indifference and Saudi Oil these factors have largely fueled Islamic terrorism in the west. If they didn’t have any cheep oil to sell us our governments won’t be so receptive to turning a blind eye to that nations wrong doing’s .

          • Linda1000

            Yes, agree with you but this new direction for Saudi is a start and it will not instantly change overnight. Saudi is running out of money, oil reserves and fresh water so has to move away from dependence on oil wealth to keep their big welfare state going. I suspect funding for terrorism is going to drop sharply especially with confiscating the wealth of many of the rich sheikh players in the game. I think this is what MbS is trying to do with opening up the country to other world business markets, ventures. The Gulf states have done a remarkable job of modernizing and adapting to western ways economically and even in some aspects culturally in a very short period of time since around 1950 when the oil industry began to take off. Considering that their life was one of nomadic desert tribes before 1950, they have come a long way if you look at their modern big cities like Dubai, Riyadh, Doha. Contrast that to Tehran where time stopped around 1979/80 thanks to the ayatollahs.

  • vwVwwVwv

    Yaaaawn, BCF you are better than that, Iran is nothing, it’s Russia
    and Putin who covers them.

  • ontario john

    I thought Harper was Hitler?

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      It’s a rotating honor. No one person can be Hitler for too long. That much power for too long corrupts. It’s like ‘the ring’ in the lord of the rings trilogy.
      If you are “Hitler” for too long, it literally makes you Hitler.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      In the future, everybody will be Hitler for fifteen minutes.

  • Ho Hum

    This is just neocon propaganda. Now that the neocon’s dream of ousting Assad appears to be dying they are now turning their focus to Iran and are trying to gin up war against Iran. If they get their wish it won’t be Saudi and Israeli soldiers who will be fighting and dying. It will be American and other western soldiers who – like in Iraq and Afghanistan – fought and died for absolutely nothing!

    From the linked article this comment sums up my sentiments:

    The Rocket Man • 19 hours ago
    What a load of garbage. This is like Charles Manson condemning Ted Bundy for murdering a bunch of people. Saudi Arabia is responsible *alongside the US* for a famine that is starving millions of Yemenis. And this all came about under this asshole here who’s really the one running this country of late. You want a Hitler complex, look at the Saudi scum. And it’s not like I’m pro-Iran, but I’m sure as hell not gonna side with this tyrannical backasswards 7th century regime. GET THE HELL OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST.

  • Watchman

    I am unaware of sufficient intellect, even collectively, that would support the thesis that much thought goes on in the Middle East outside of Israel, let alone reason creating a concern about insufficient birth rate. If anything its the expansion of the Saud Royal Family numbers over the last 50 years that is causing the need to re-centralise power in that kingdom. Iran is expanding because it is obeying one of the tenets of islam: convert, kill, or subjugate non-believers and expand the territory. Sunni muslims are considered non-believers to the Iranian Shia, and a key prize for the Shia would be the control of Mecca and Medina now under Saudi control.

    Islam hates Jews and demands muslims hate Jews too. The muslim Middle East hates Israel because is it full of Jews and run by Jews. Islam says eventually all Jews must be killed. Simple as that.

    The ability of the Saudi rulers to work with Israel on certain things can easily be explained by muslims allowed to make temporary truces when they are weak (like needing Israeli help), but these treaties (hudna) are never permanent and can be dissolved if even a muslim feels an advantage to break such a treaty.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Israelis are quite well aware of these things and tailor their courses of action accordingly.

    • Linda1000

      I thought it was the other way around and Sunni considered Shia non-believers. Saudi is supposed to be the highest or most holy of islam because of its origin in Mecca/Medina. Anyway the Sunni/Shia divide isn’t going to resolve anytime soon.

      • Watchman

        It’s mutual hatred. The Sunnis think they are the True Muslims, and the Shia are apostates deserving death, and the Shia think they are the True Muslims, and the Sunni are apostates deserving death. Been going on for about 1400 years now, which is why I laughed when a US politician suggested that Sunni and Shia will just have to learn to get along (!). For most Sunni and Shia, the hostility is usually not open and active which stops the genocide of the fewer Shia.

  • Hard Little Machine

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