Paris Police Chief Bans Generation Identitaire Rally

A demonstration by Generation Identitaire (extreme right) had been declared for Saturday near the police headquarters.

The police chief of Paris took Friday a prohibition order, a rare measure, against a demonstration of Generation Identity and against “any gathering in reaction to this demonstration,” said Friday the police headquarters. A demonstration of the Generation Identity Association (far right) had been declared for Saturday at the police headquarters. Several movements “have indicated their willingness to organize counter-rallies”, according to the prefecture.

Gathering of violent groups.

Police chief Michel Delpuech has decided to ban the demonstration and rallies “to avoid violent clashes and disturbances to public order that may result.” In its decree, the prefect of police justifies this prohibition by the fact that the event “is likely to gather violent groups belonging to the movement of the ultra-right from both the Paris region and the province, as well as Germany, Austria, Italy and the United Kingdom “.