Islamic indoctrination creeps into school curriculums

In Toronto, a public school has run a mosque in their cafeteria every Friday for a decade and more schools are following suit. In the UK, newspapers are reporting on a local council cracking down on “Islamophobic” parents who pulled their children out of a school field trip to a mosque.

  • Hard Little Machine

    It will be wonderful when they turn.tje whole school into a madrassas.

  • John Boy

    I disagree it has not creeped into the schools, it has marched loudly and proudly with jackboots on.

  • simus1

    That Toronto school cafeteria mosque just happens to be in the riding of GLLKDW and was supposedly instigated by a religious official who wanted the majority muslim student body released to his nearby institution for a few hours of instruction a week. Since most muslims in Canada don’t attend mosques and most students and their patents didn’t know this guy from Adam, the attrition rate between pupils released from school and pupils showing up to get religion was severe. So if the kids wouldn’t go the imam, the imam would go to the kids, thanks to cooperative educators at a public school system.

  • Felix_Culpa

    Would they allow Catholics to have a Mass, or Protestants to hold a Bible service in a Public School? Would they let the Jewish students have a synagogue service? Not bloody likely–but then, WE AREN’T ASKING FOR THAT, ARE WE? Most Catholics, Protestants, and Jews are non-practicing. (Even Catholics in *Catholic* schools barely know their religion and catechism class is boiled down to “be nice.”) Muslims, to their credit, actually practice their faith and act on their beliefs. I think they’re religion is all wrong, mind you, but I at least credit them with having the conviction to practice it.

    • spartacus

      and fools like lemmings will march off the cliff also …….( i ‘m not sure which one you are ? )