Cuban War Crimes in Vietnam

The Cuban government is an oppressive regime known for its human rights violations. In late last year, sixteen American diplomats based at Havana’s U.S. Embassy, appear to have suffered traumatic brain injury caused by a subsonic attack. President Trump has gone on the record accusing the Cubans of responsibility for the attacks. But this is not the first time it has experimented on Americans.

As a former Marine, Mike Benge believes that there were seventeen Americans held in the Villa Marista prison and confirms that there were Cubans who tortured American POWs in Vietnam. In 1968, he worked for the Agency for International Development, serving as a civilian economic and community development advisor.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    You would think that this is something that the “war hereo” John McCain would be interested in, no?
    Why the hell would the U.S. Government cover up for the Cubans?

    • Linda1000

      McCain was no war hero and the “Hanoi Hilton Songbird” made about 32 propaganda radio tapes for North Vietnam and supposedly didn’t look very tortured upon his release as a POW. He didn”t care back then about his fellow military POWs so why would he care now about the ones who were held in Cuba.
      McCain would never have rocked the boat with the Ozero commie administration as he was one of the bi-partisan deal guys with the Democorrupts.
      The Vietnam War was such a big mess in the end so who knows what else was covered up besides the Cuba story. This is interesting reading but maybe old news for you.

  • Shebel

    Justin knows that Cuba can settle this North Korean spat—-
    Probably , Justin has no clue- that here ever was a Korean War.
    The North and South was just sort of like HAPPENED.

  • Shebel

    Anything before 1970 is Ancient History for Justin.
    Whatever went on could have been solved with LOVE.