Conrad Black: Our campuses show we’re practicing cultural genocide on ourselves

Little remains to be added to what my esteemed colleagues Christie Blatchford and Barbara Kay have written about the shameful performance of Wilfrid Laurier University in the Lindsay Shepherd affair. The 22-year old graduate student showed a discussion group a video extract of a debate between Jordan Peterson, one of Canada’s most brilliant, courageous, and rigorous academics, and the transgender advocate Nicholas Matte. For this heinous offence of neutrally presenting two sides to a current news story and public controversy, Shepherd was the subject of complaint, official harassment, and a nauseating Star Chamber which, fortunately, she surreptitiously recorded.

  • Dave

    Ha! I spit in your face. We cannot/are not practicing cultural genocide because Dear Leader says canadians have no culture. /sarc

  • Gary

    I knew we were in trouble when a Toronto politicians said that we should take down all the War memorial because the refugees in his area say that it make them feel excluded from canada’s history.
    WTF….how can they parachute in Toronto for the welfare which doesn’t bother them but anything that exists before they got here must be taken down???
    Don’t come here you ungrateful sloths , stay there and die for your freedoms as we had to do for our nation. We didn’t build out house to hand over to welfare bums to destroy it to look like the crap hole they crawled out of .

  • Ed

    The reader comments at the end of that piece are hilarious.