Bangladesh police arrest suspect in hacking murder of US blogger

Police in Bangladesh have arrested a suspected Islamist militant over the hacking death of a US blogger whose writings on religion angered hardliners.

Deputy police commissioner Masudur Rahman said the man, who was named as 24-year-old Arafat Rahman, was being held in connection with the 2015 machete attack on Avijit Roy and his wife. Mr Roy was fatally injured and his wife seriously hurt, on their way home from a book fair in Dhaka.

  • Spatchcocked

    The Enquirer should be able to dig up some hookers with Slick Willie stories to tell……

  • Hard Little Machine

    Bangladesh. Were you not listening?

  • Ed

    Casual side observation here.

    The Media are all upset about their plummeting ratings in trust polls. Why hot start with something real easy, like acknowledging that the “religion of peace” is the least peaceful religion of them all?

    See, not so hard, and empirically unassailable.

  • Watchman

    In some of these places it might just mean the accused has not come up with an adequate amount of hush money to the police, or that everyone knows who did it, the accused gets arrested, the accused gets released with a public announcement that there is insufficient evidence to convict and the accused goes free, fairly secure that there won’t be a second arrest now that justice has been seen to be done.

  • canminuteman

    I bet a book fair in Dhaka isn’t very interesting.

  • Hard Little Machine

    We should do this to the people at CNN.