Hindu extremist group urges ‘brothers’ in UK to burn down cinemas which show controversial Bollywood epic

‘The row over a period Bollywood epic – that no one has seen yet – continues as one rightwing Hindu extremist group said it would ask its “brothers” in the UK to burn down cinemas after British censors gave it a release date.

  • tom_billesley

    In Desi Land, hearing a rumour is enough justification to join a burning, looting and killing spree.

  • Brett McS

    Wrong headgear, chaps. No one takes you seriously.

  • ontario john

    Pagan religions like Islam and Hinduism prove that “Diversity is our Strength”.

  • simus1

    Monumental ignorance melded with politics as a blood sport certainly keeps life interesting. More than can be said for our pathetic vote whores.

  • Ed

    Nothing to see here. White men are the REAL problem.