‘Free speech advocates’ rally to support Lindsay Shepherd

Duelling Trannies!

Alex McEwin self identifies as a transgender man. He said he came out to support Shepherd because he didn’t agree with how she was treated and the subsequent Rainbow Centre’s public statement on the issue of identity and language.

“As an individual, I personally disagree and I feel they don’t speak for all queer and trans people in university settings,” McEwin said.

…Across the street, a crowd of counter-protestors also rallied.

Toby Finlay, who prefers to be referred to as ‘them’ and ‘they’ in pronouns, said they were silently demonstrating to draw attention to the “trans-phobia that’s at the centre of this issue.”

“We aren’t diametrically opposed to freedom of speech,” Finlay said.

“But most people would agree there are limitations on when that freedom of speech ends and when that becomes hate speech.”

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