Continental Breakfast

Bacon and Egg Crescent Squares – click on image for the recipe

Islam rains on Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – banned items, massive security, 50 blocks shut down

Security at the upcoming Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is nothing short of extensive, and pay close attention to new changes for the balloon inflation event on Wednesday.

“NYPD is ready for this week,” Police Commissioner James O’Neill said.

With more than a million spectators expected to attend the parade and at least 100,000 more expected to attend the popular balloon inflation on Wednesday, the NYPD is putting extraordinary security measures in full effect, especially coming so soon after the Halloween terrorist attack.

Activists applaud TDSB vote to scrap program that put police officers in schools

A group of activists is welcoming a move to scrap a program that placed police officers in certain Toronto schools and is calling for other school boards with similar programs to follow suit.

Phillip Morgan, a member of Education Not Incarceration, is lauding the decision by the Toronto District School Board to permanently end the School Resource Officer program.

Morgan, who was joined by activists from Black Lives Matter Toronto at a news conference this morning, says more work now needs to be done to get Toronto’s Catholic District School board to cancel its own program.

Opinion: Free speech concern seems all too selective

Views published in the media on the Laurier University case have almost universally been in support of the student, on the grounds of free speech. By contrast, views were much more polarized concerning Dalhousie University’s actions. Those who are currently defending the teaching assistant, Lindsay Shepherd, by and large did not extend support to Masuma Khan. While some did, Khan never enjoyed anything remotely resembling the level of support Shepherd enjoys currently.

Why that is so is, of course, pure speculation. Yet I can’t seem to dismiss the idea that it has to do with who they are and why they faced disciplinary proceedings. Shepherd is a cisgender white woman who presented respect for trans people as a matter of debate. Khan is a woman of colour on the student executive who wears the hijab and posted “white fragility can kiss my ass. Your white tears aren’t sacred, this land is.”

Sweden to House Asylum Seekers with Seniors in Retirement Home

Ekerö municipality plans to house recently arrived asylum seekers alongside the elderly in a retirement home due to the shortage of available housing.
The municipality, located within the county of Stockholm and is the residence of the King of Sweden, has had difficulty finding housing for newly arrived migrants. The local government has announced that it will accommodate migrants in spare rooms in the Söderströmsgården retirement home, Mälarö Tidning reports.

Anders Anagrius, the regional integration manager, said the move could turn out to be “positive”.

Maryam Monsef Waiting Her ‘Turn’ For Updated Citizenship Documents

More than a year after Maryam Monsef revealed she was not actually born in Afghanistan, as she had previously believed, the Liberal cabinet minister is still waiting for the government to update her documents.

“Just like everybody else, I’m waiting my turn,” the status of women minister said in an interview with The Canadian Press last week.

In September 2016, the Globe and Mail reported that Monsef, hailed by the Liberals as Canada’s first Afghan-born MP, was actually born in Mashhad, Iran, a city about 200 kilometres away from the border with Afghanistan.

  • Maurice Miner

    Bacon! Yessss! It offends Mohammedans intensely, so lots of bacon is double-plus good!

  • Yo Mama

    Dats gud that cops r out of the skools! Oddurwise how wuz BLM supposed to sell dair crack an pills tu da kiddies?

  • WalterBannon

    Toronto schools are cultural Marxist indoctrination centers. Why are parents still sending their children to them?

    • Clausewitz

      Most of the big wigs at the TDSB are OISE grads. Enough said.

  • terrence22

    “Opinion: Free speech concern seems all too selective”

    whaddya else do ya expect from someone who these credentials:

    Florence Ashley Paré is an LL.M candidate and O’Brien Fellow at McGill University’s Faculty of Law and a trans rights advocate.

  • simus1

    Hitlery need not take all the credit for the Clintonite maggots left in place. George Bush kept them on in exchange for DemocRat support for his iraq war and other odds and ends. At least Trump kept Obama’s maggot’s because rotten RINOs refuse to serve in his regime.

  • ontario john

    Thanks to little Justin and his vote whoring with whiny indians, the National Post is reporting that a flood of people are trying to get on the money gravy train, by applying for Metis status. So much so, that even Metis groups are getting upset. And of course we get daily media coverage of the missing indian women money pit and its daily firings and resignations. But good news in the Toronto Star. Trudeau is wonderful, the Liberal Party is wonderful, and Desmond Cole, fresh on his victory at the Toronto School Board, was cheered by supporters in a court room, where he is facing trespassing charges. Because if your black in Toronto, laws don’t apply.

  • Hard Little Machine

    After years and years and years of listing to rich hippies in places that don’t need AC tell me that I, in the south don’t deserve A.C. it’s a welcome change to hear some other rich hippies chant that home heating in cold climates has to be abolished too

  • Linda1000

    “Sharia law fascinates me” says Monsef. What a completely ignorant statement to write publicly or is that a joke tweet picture?
    Why doesn’t she ask about the status of all the women in Evan prison in Tehran and how they like sharia law. I guess all the muslim women who have been hanged, stoned to death, whipped, raped, FGMutalated, beaten according to her islam’s sharia mean nothing to her.

  • tom_billesley

    Sweden to House Asylum Seekers with Seniors
    Lack of housing for migrants and a surplus of people that live too long: killing two birds with one stone.

    • Hard Little Machine


  • kkruger71

    From the free speech article:
    “Deductive reasoning is the pinnacle of rational thought”
    And yet this person can’t see the difference between the two cases and jumps to the idea that it must be racism. To play the “What if it were reversed?” game, if Shepherd had stood at the front of the class and said “Trannies can kiss my ass whining about this and that. Suck it up, others have it worse”, does the author really think she would have received the same level of support she has now?