UK must beef up its jihadi cyber defences, says ex-CIA chief

Former CIA director General David Petraeus yesterday warned Britain must beef up its cyber defences to stop extremists acquiring virtual weapons of mass destruction.

The ex-intelligence chief, one of the most senior post-9/11 US military commanders, said one day soon there would be a ‘stake through the heart’ of Islamic State’s leader.

But he warned the West could not just play ‘whack a mole’ when it came to defeating the group online, as he slapped down web giants for not doing enough to stop terror.

  • Mark Matis

    How many of these are actually by the CIA or NSA or any of the OTHER black agencies of the West, using the NSA tools that Snowden exposed? The ones which can make an attack look like it came from WHOEVER you wanted to blame?

    The stench is overwhelming. But you can bet that Congress will reapprove without any additional restraints.