Racist infidel court denies Ramadan defence for distracted driving!

Lina Khatib – wrongfully subjected to Infidel Law!

Muslim mother who was caught using a mobile phone at the wheel as her son stood up on the back seat tried to avoid punishment claiming she was ‘in a panic because she was fasting for Ramadan’


  • Blacksmith

    Add that charge since she just admitted it.

  • Dana Garcia

    I thought driving was verboten during ramadan for faithful allah-bots.

  • ontario john

    Why is that apostate driving a car? She should be stoned in the public square for not acting like a proper muslim woman.

  • CodexCoder

    The law is supposed to be blind. In other words, it is not supposed to care about personal creed, income level, past history, or race or culture. It should not be concerned about the why of a breach, only whether it can be factually established that a breach occurred and the punishment associated with that breach. It should not care about mental state (insanity), or cultural practice (Ramadan fasting).

    • Sekigahara

      Indeed, and also to add to your list, ignorance of the law is no excuse either.

  • Literally Hitler

    It should be illegal to drive while observing Ramadan. In fact, it should be illegal to drive while mohammedan.

  • Oracle9

    If a person is “panicking” while driving, exactly how could that be safe for the rest of us?

  • zee

    “But Your Honour, there’s only two days left in Rama-lama-ding-dong and I haven’t blown anyone up yet”

  • Gary

    I live in an area of Toronto where there are a few mosques and lots of Hijabs and niqabs behind the wheel of cars .
    But in the last 15 years since noticing a pattern I ended up right that the Police will NOT stop a car for a violation id they see the drivers appears islamic in grab.

    How the hell could new comers to canada begin to drive or even long term residence drive where they NEVER make a mistake in about 17 years now.
    What are the odds for 500,000 Canadians pouring into Japan and going into pockets of Tokyo to get a driver license but never get stopped for 17 years
    if the women all wore a head scarf the colour of out flag.
    Even at the Subway station bus entrance I see hijabs and niqab clad persons just stroll in to a void paying and yet never once have I see the Fare-Cops on duty stop one and give a ticket.

    With Toronto now heading towards a 90% non-white city in 10 years , where will the revenues for Violation Ticket come from where each group among the 90% can cry racism and use the Human Rights commission .
    The huge % on welfare won’t be paying for TTC passes on pay Property taxes, their admission to Pools and City run function will be free as well plus more Free Dental and Drug benefits.