‘P’ is not for ‘Palestine,’ Ms. Golbard-Bashi

No, Golbarg Bashi, “P” is not for “Palestine”

It’s a children’s book, designed to be controversial and provocative. Though the Iranian-Swedish-American feminist activist claims that her newest book “P is for Palestine” is “an educational, colorful, empowering way of showcasing the beauty and strength of Palestinian culture”, it is a deeply dishonest piece of propaganda lies.

h/t Avi S

  • David_Martin
  • fedupwithinsanity

    “Palestinian” culture is a modern construct, the rotten fruit of Arafat’s efforts to destroy Israel. Their obsession with terrorism is THE expression of this historical forgery. Enough already!

    • Alain

      Actually it was a KGB invention that Arafat used and the fraud continues to sell throughout the West.

  • barryjr

    As Bill O’Rielly would say, P is for pinhead.