Moves by Michael Flynn’s legal team suggest he may be cooperating with special prosecutor: Report

The legal team of former national security adviser Michael Flynn is reportedly no longer sharing information with attorneys for President Trump, a move that commonly happens when an investigation target starts cooperating with prosecutors.

In its report Thursday, The New York Times cited “four people involved in the case” as saying that Mr. Flynn’s attorneys had “notified the president’s legal team in recent days that they could no longer discuss” the investigation of Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller.

  • Hard Little Machine

    You can’t put much trust in the NYT. They have Trump killing JFK and Jesus

  • Brett McS

    Sounds awfully like wish-casting from the guys and girls on Knucklehead Row (Andrew Klavan’s name for the NY T editorial crew).

  • Ed

    “…The notification alone does not prove that Mr. Flynn is cooperating with Mr. Mueller. Some lawyers withdraw from information-sharing arrangements as soon as they begin negotiating with prosecutors. And such negotiations sometimes fall apart…”

    But that won’t stop us from whipping up a piece of shit speculation bonanza!