Justin meets the people…

More of this is needed.

h/t Mauser

  • ntt1

    with all the advances in live casting and replication and given the more than lifelike wax work,can anybody be sure that is the real turdhole or a dead on marionette worked by Butts?

    • Clink9

      We’ll have to use the smell test.

      • J. C.

        So you’re going to smell Butts’ fingers…??? 😉

  • ontario john

    It doesn’t matter what question you ask the little dickhead, he always answers with Harper is evil. Even in question period today, questions were answered with Harper is evil.

    • Bataviawillem

      And other popular one is:
      “Saving taxes for the middle class and those who work hard to become middle class”
      It is the standard reply to all questions, no matter what’s the topic.

      • k1962

        And diversity is our strength.

        Everything he says is nauseating.

  • robins111

    Someone is going to start throwing water balloons filled with Cat Piss on that twit.

    • ntt1

      Back in Ag.Sc. days we used to throw balloons full of mink piss from the demonstration farm at the Engineers . it seemed to work well

  • Starlord

    Justin a piece of advice
    That was then this is now.

    So fucking stop blaming the past and do something to fix it. That is what leaders do.
    You are a finger pointer do nothing.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      You sure as hell never saw this on national tv or in the star and crescent. It was all peachy creamy.

    • Alain

      Harper introduced legislation to strip them of Canadian citizenship in such cases, which along with every other bit of progress made by the CPC was overturned immediately by Trudeau.

  • Literally Hitler

    I like the public shaming. It is more difficult for him to blame future events on his predecessors so if you happen to cross paths I would suggest: hey Justin…
    How many more jihadis do you plan to import?
    When will the budget be balanced?
    When will Morneau step down?
    Who is paying for your next vacation?

  • THAT is intestinal fortitude:


  • DMB
  • Linda1000

    More BS today from delusional Justine . “Confidence in our immigration system” is non-existent.


  • P_F

    These mohammedan terrorists may have migrated to canada under kenny, harper watch, which in itself is nothing short of treason (remember, the muslim population of canada doubled from 650K to 1.5 million under harper rule), But what this jihadi turdo is doing to canada by allowing them to re-enter after committing war crimes is thousand times more than treason. he’s Stupid & Evil.

    • Yea the Harper government was just as guilty as the Liberals.

  • k1962

    Good for her. Unfortunately there were too many dimwits swooning over the our stupid PM.