I’m transgender. Please don’t normalise trangenderism

We don’t normalise having cancer and we don’t normalise medical conditions, yet society is normalising transgenderism, which trivialises my grief and pain. My earliest memory of sensing that I might be different to the other kids was as a four-year old boy trying on a white frilly girl’s dress. It felt comfortable, but I didn’t give it further thought after that. At that stage in life I didn’t exhibit behaviour and thought typical of acute early onset gender dysphoria, such as using a nail clipper to try to cut off my penis. I was just a typical boy who had an inkling that he might’ve been different to the other boys.

  • Watchman

    This transgender’s plea is not for reason, rationality or science, it’s an attempt to maintain their group identity high in the hierarchy of victimhood groups rankings. If too many identify with that group, its victimhood ranking drops and then its power to dictate action drops. Another illustration of the saying, “If everybody is Special, then nobody is Special.”

  • BillyHW

    Oh look, a tranny finds another way to be a victim.