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New security measures could be coming to city hall

Mayor John Tory’s executive committee will soon be debating enhanced security measures at city hall, including the possibility of installing metal detectors at the downtown building.

In a report posted online, city staff outline a number of measures that could help make city hall more secure, including “patron screening,” which could involve metal detectors, bag checks, and x-ray machines.

The idea of increasing security at Toronto city hall came after Canada’s domestic terrorism threat level was increased from low to medium on Oct. 1, 2014.

  • Alain

    In a just world those pushing for importing the world including dangerous criminals and jihadists should be denied any and all special security. Let them reap what they sow instead of the rest of the population.

    • Come the revolution I want all the Islamophiles rounded up and deported to Muslim slave states like Sudan and Mauritania.

      • JoKeR

        Don’t forget Saudi Arabia and Qatar!

        • just_one_Sewer Rat_guy

          Or the bottom of the ocean!

  • Starlord

    Is this in response of hiring of the 13 Muslim youth in City Hall?

    Dem are racist city hall employees and councillors.

    • Yes it is a racist policy.

    • JoKeR

      Is the new security to keep the new employees under the Muslim-only city councillor
      staff internship program inside City Hall to protect the rest of the
      city or to keep potential terrorists out? What do they know that they
      aren’t telling us?

  • Gary

    Census Canada just showed that Toronto is 51% non-white and just over 50% non-Canadian background.
    They fear a terrorism bombing or beheading . It is odd though that john Tory made Toronto a sanctuary City for illegals because they are all peaceful people that fled oppression.

    Finally the barbarians are at THEIR gates and they see that a burka clad suicide bomber could walk right in and scream allah-u-akbar and push the detonator .

    • Bla Bla

      Tory needs to be tried for treason. Along with his municipal cabinet of criminals.

    • JoKeR
    • JoKeR

      Maybe somebody should start an online petition saying just that? Since these politicians declared Toronto a “scantuary city” for “undocumented people” who we know little to nothing about their backgrounds, there should be no security screening at City Hall so those politicians can live with the same consequences of their political actions that all the other residents of Toronto are being forced to live with?


      • Gary

        Correct you are . In the 20 years I took the TTC subway down town to that particular job from the 1980’s ….the only Politician I saw not at a photo-op was Liberal John Nunziata that was at the St.George platform heading South
        as I was. We both left early for work as he came from North West addition to transfer at St.George and I was on Bloor’s line 2 from Keele/Parkside .
        He didn’t have enemies and could walk freely among the taxpayers. He was the Liberal that left the party to sit as an Independent when Chretien won the Federal Election in 1993 with his Liberal promise to scrap the GST but once in office he kept it as a cash-cow to fund future election .
        Chretien also promised to end Child Poverty in Canada by 2000 because it was in the future just like Al Gore’s Global Warming crisis his promised in 2050. But as expected all those children have now finish College or University while Justin now bangs the Drum about child poverty and lower taxes for single parents.
        This while he floods Canada with pro-sharia unemployable Middle east “refugees” that already have up to 5 children.

        I pointed out before that when a Mayor assure us that Toronto was safe in the late 1990’s…..that same Mayor got the approval for the money to buy every Cop a bullet proof vest .
        It’s like muslims claiming muhammad was the prophet of peace with a holy book for all mankind to get along and finally live in peace in about 200 years.
        But they didn’t notice the hypocrisy in the quran where Mo set out Rule for War and pow’s . So he comes to bring peace but makes plans for war.
        Toronto is safe but Cops need bullet proof vests .

  • Bla Bla

    How about no. If we proletariat have to live with such wonderful guests (and unarmed at that!), then the elite in their towers can join us in solidarity and get rid of all of their guards. Assholes! Bring in the problem, then make us pay the price for it. Let them eat the truck of peace – not us!

  • Bla Bla

    Heh, as I figured – no comments allowed on the article.

    • shasta

      The government doesn’t want any smart ass talk back about its propaganda indoctrination articles.