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Happy Thanksgiving!

Track Syrian refugees to ensure they prosper

In other words, the government doesn’t know enough about what happened to the newcomers once they arrived in Canada, so it can’t measure the success of its programming and identify areas where improvement is necessary.

That may well be costing municipal governments. Toronto, for example, needed to add $20 million to its shelter budget to extend hotel and motel contracts into 2018 to house refugee claimants who now account for 25 per cent of beds in the over-flowing system.

Hillary: My Server Was More Secure than Government Technology

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton joined radio host Hugh Hewitt Wednesday to discuss “What Happened” – what happened in the 2016 election, what happened with the FBI investigation into her emails, and what happened to her friendship with Donald Trump.

That last part may surprise voters, but it’s true. The two, she said, used to be “cordial” with one another.

Liberals’ count of 60 Canadian jihadists is a two-year-old number

The terrorist situation in Iraq and Syria is a continually evolving phenomenon. So why is the Liberal government using two-year-old data about terrorists and trying to pass it off as current?

This has been an issue for several years now — the return of Canadian ISIS fighters to home soil. And during that time it’s taken a lot of guesswork to piece together just how many jihadists we’re talking about.

How to talk to someone who doesn’t believe in climate change

“Climate change has become one of the taboo topics — like sex, politics and religion — that doesn’t get talked about at the Thanksgiving table,” says Anthony Leiserowitz, director of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication. “In fact, most of us are willing and even interested to discuss it, but their perception is other people don’t want to.”

So go ahead and engage with the uncle who insists the weather’s always been changing and it has nothing to do with us. Or the cousin who can’t make up her mind about anything — whether global warming is real or not, whether it’s serious or not, or whether it’s human-caused or not.

Ahmed Hussen: Rules Barring Would-Be Immigrants With Health Issues ‘Outdated’

A section of Canada’s immigration law barring anyone from settling in the country if they have a condition deemed a burden on medical or social services is outdated and needs to be brought in line with Canadian values, the minister in charge said Wednesday.

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said he’s committed to changing the rules currently spelled out in the country’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and left the door open to the possibility of repealing the controversial section altogether.

  • Brett McS

    So all the lefties have turned their backs on the Clintons, and Hillary has to make do with conservative outlets for the book tour?

  • Yo Mama

    If yous reely sick or want operashuns like sex changes cum to Kanada cuz now weell let u in an hour wurkin fools weel pay 4 it all!

    R u krazy? Weell take u an treet u an giv you nice house!
    You got sikosis or schizofrenia an it run in yor familee? Wee want u!
    U kant stop killin? Weel take u!
    U kant stop steelin? Well take u an make u a Lieberal politishin!
    R u deformed? Weell take u an giv u all da operashuns u want!
    Du u hav diseeses smalpox da blak plaig ebola or just TB? Cum 2 Kanada!
    Du u hav AIDS? Weell take u an treet u foreffor!
    Need a nu hart, kidnee, livir or lung write now? Weell take u giv u nu won!
    Want a sex change operashun? Weell take u an treet u!
    Adikted to drugs? Weell take u!
    Hav seveer diabeetees? Weell take u an treet u!
    Advanced cancer? Weell take u an treet u!
    Hav seveer epilepsee? Weell take u an treet u!
    Had a stroke? Weell take u an gif yu nice care home!
    Got hemofilia an kant stop bleedin? Weell take u an treet u!
    Got bad arthritis an knead to bee in care home? Weell take u an care fore u!
    Got bad asthma? Weell take u an treet u!
    Got hepititis C? Weell take u!
    U preggers wid three deformed babees? Weell take u an treet u!
    Got alzhimurs? Weell take u an take care of u!

    U hard workin whitie who strong an conservativ? Go away wee don want u!

    • Yo Mama

      Kum tu Kanada!
      Wee gots free munny an homes for u all unless you whitie who wanna work!

    • Yo Mama

      Wanna mosk? Weel bild u mosks whaireffer u wan it an wee pay for it!

      U kristyan or ju – go elsewhair wee hav tu many allreddy!

    • Observer

      That about sums up what Canadian Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen wants, to bankrupt Canadian taxpayers and overload the already heavily overburdened Canadian healthcare and longterm care systems with all the world’s sick who want free services at someone else’s expense.

      I don’t think Canada is going to survive this Trudeau government.

  • ontario john

    Yes, the Super Socks government wants to get rid of the rules regarding bringing sick and disabled parasites into the country. Because our hospitals and health care services need the business. So yes world, send your disabled, sick, old people here. We are the sucker nation of the world.

    • David_Martin

      Yipee – all those Mo’s with disabilities due to centuries of cousin marriage – can now come to Canada and become Liberal supporters.
      I wonder if Justin Turdeau’s kids have considered a career in politics – we’ll be like North Korea – a permanent Turdeau family dynasty.

    • The system is already buckling.

  • ontario john

    Yes drug dealers and gang bangers are celebrating today. The media is showing pictures of Black Lives Matter members dancing and laughing at the decision of the Toronto School Board to stop cops from coming into the schools. In related news, the media is excited that people in a Toronto mall mobbed little Justin, to the point where they had to take him away. He is so cool and wonderful, everyone wants to worship and touch him in Toronto.

    • David_Martin

      Dindu can go back to being Diddu with no fear.

  • Literally Hitler

    Multi-million dollar temporary hockey rink but no hockey allowed. Your taxes at work.

  • Linda1000
  • WalterBannon

    Ahmed Hussen: “allah akbar! we will conquer you, infidel Canada, but first give all my muslim brothers more free stuff”

  • The number sixty is an outdated and unsubstantiated number. The number of ISIS rapists could be higher.

    Ralph Goodale must be held to account when there are “cultural misunderstandings” between these thugs and schoolgirls.