China’s New Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere

A few weeks ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping offered a Soviet-style five-year plan for China’s progress at the Communist Party Congress in Beijing. Despite his talk of global cooperation, the themes were familiar socialist boilerplate about Chinese economic and military superiority to come.

Implicit in the 205-minute harangue were echoes of the themes of the 1930s: A rising new Asian power would protect the region and replace declining Western influence.

  • China is a paper dragon. It needs to be sanctioned and ruined as a military power or expect future wars in the Pacific.

    • xavier

      But thanks to the enormous savings they’ve accumulated , they’ll brazenly bribe everyone in their path or whack the recalcitrant.
      Sanctioning is fine but they need to be targeted so that they feel the pain.

      • Properly targeted sanctioning is the one thing that can freeze the North Korean situation.

        • xavier

          Sanction what is the question

          • There are many holdings and companies that China has. Start there.

      • Drunk by Noon ✓

        Make their currency worthless.