Not one but two new contestants on Justin’s Jihad Jackpot

‘My life was ripped apart’: Two Calgary Muslim men say CSIS wrongfully targeted them

Two Muslim men from Calgary say they were willing to assist Canada’s security agents with terror-related inquiries until CSIS started hounding them and shared their personal information with foreign states.

Speaking exclusively to CBC News, Yacine Meziane and Abderrahmane Ghanem say CSIS and the RCMP wrongfully lumped them in with a cluster of Calgary jihadis who left to fight with ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

They say were subjected to surveillance that quickly turned into harassment and eventually escalated into a full-scale disruption of their lives at home and abroad.

  • Ed

    “…Wanting to get away from Canada for a while, Meziane accepted a job offer at an oil company in Kuwait…”

    Do it again. Fuck off. Get out.

  • Yo Mama

    Wuts matter isnt who dey are or whut theys dun its how much theyll kick back to the Lieberals party of the reparashuns theys get payed out of taxpayers munny!

  • Canadian Born

    Cheques are in the mail, as we speak.