New Swedish Children’s Book Promotes Transgenderism to Preschoolers, Features Trans Species Horse-Dog

A book promoting transsexuality to toddlers and preschoolers, about a transgender man and his horse who claims to be a dog, has been published in Sweden.

The stars of Hästen & Husse are a man and a horse that lives with him. The man is depicted as a transgender who wears women’s clothing and lipstick when he returns home from work, while the horse is “trans-species” and believes that he is a dog.

  • simus1

    Are the Swedes really such unimaginative, predictable, morons ?
    Perhaps it is just something thrown together to justify a government grant to some rent seeking parasite.

    • Editor


    • tom_billesley

      Perhaps all the ones with get-up-and-go, got up and went.

  • The Buddhist Butterfly

    It can happen, okay!1

  • Solo712

    First things first! The boy may not yet know his multiplication tables but he has already been instructed that his peepee is optional.

  • Jay Currie

    Actually this is pretty brilliant as piss take.

    To a three year old the dud in the dress is just another strange adult doing strange adult things but there is no way a horse can be a dog even with a bone. The little brain will puzzle away on that and, in due course, realize that just putting on a dress does not make a dude a dame.

    As this is wrong think the book should immediately be banned as subverting gender fluidity with real life biology.