Liberal vote whores to open doors to immigrants who will drain already stressed health care system

Canada is committed to ditching a policy that rejects immigrants because they’re sick or disabled and could be a drag on the health system, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen says.

Calling it an “important and sensitive” issue, Hussen said the government will look at all options to revamp the 40-year-old policy, which bars entry to applicants when they could be costly to public health or social service systems.

“From a principled perspective, the current excessive demand provision policy simply does not align with our country’s values of inclusion of person with disabilities in Canadian society,” he said during an appearance at the House of Commons immigration committee Wednesday.

This is vote whoring. Compassion has nothing to do with it. Immigration policy’s sole purpose should be to benefit citizens not the Liberal party.

  • Until there are riots led by people who paid into the system, this won’t stop.

    • Alain

      Since I refuse to watch, read or listen to Canadian MSM, I have to ask if this kind of news is even being reported. Unless people are aware, and sadly most Canadians rely on the MSM for their information and news, there is no chance of a protest. Yes, I also know that Canadians are not reknown for rioting, unless it is aboust hockey or Quebecers are involved and rioting for extra special treatment, but still.

      • I don’t think it would matter if people saw it or not.

        If people believed the garbage that budgets balance themselves, then they wouldn’t believe this if you told them.

  • Ottawa Eyes

    And the Trudeau announcement of a $40 Billion 10 year program for more housing, only addresses about 1/2 of the additional need that will be caused over that time by immigration.

    • Watchman

      Don’t worry, the existing Canadian homeless will be happy to step aside for the ‘poor refugees’ – after all, these Canadian homeless are used to being homeless whereas most of these ‘refugees’ are not.

    • Observer

      Plus all that $40 Billion isn’t just from the federal government, it is conditional on the burden being shared by the provinces and cities, who get to share the pain to provide housing for all of Trudeau’s new refugees and immigrants. So city ratepayers all would get property tax increases to pay for housing for newcomers to Canada while Canadians would remain homeless.

      Add to that, that the program doesn’t start until after the 2019 election and half of that isn’t until 2024 after what they would hope would be their third election win in 2023.

      • k1962

        Read today that property taxes would be going up next year in Vancouver.

    • taxpayer

      So, they’ll do like they did in the movie Dr Zhivago…..apportion your current abode to others by square meter, leaving you with what .gov thinks you “need” to live there . You pay the bills. Kitchen & bath become “communal”.

      Don’t think that it won’t happen? “Just watch me”.

    • Gary

      Note how fast Toronto’s Mayor John Tory lost his outrage over the homeless crisis when in January of 2015 the brutal winter had 3 Canadian white male homeless Freeze to death within 36 hours . All the poverty and Housing groups joined in to demand Harper help Canadians.
      But in late 2015 along came Justin with the 50,000 syrian muslim refugees and his promise of Billions to Toronto and other major cities.
      John Tory even set-up a Hotline by CUPE staff for these muslims to get instant welfare and housing when they poured in to Toronto plus FREE Health and Dental care .

      Just ignore that dead white guy on the sidewalk…..he might be a racist anyway and parents served in WW2 for canada that bombed Germany and kill innocent japanese .

      The old canada is dead because Toronto is now 51% non-white and over 50% non-canadian background. About 25 years ago I predicted that Toronto will be like Detroit one day soon . In 1950’s Detroit was 70% white and in 1970 it was 55% when by 1990 it was 35% and now about 8% .
      While Detroit had a high non-american born population from the WW2 War effort to import skilled europeans in the 1940’s around 60% . The people stayed there and had American children where the current number if about 90% Americans .
      But Toronto saw the White-Flight as the non-Canadian population grew to 50% from the old single digit and it’s growing while Whites will be like Detroit and get to around 20% in just 10 years .

      • Lightstream

        Same with Vancouver.

        • Gary

          Lots of housing for refugees that are future voters-4-life while the homeless white guy doesn’t vote anyway and might be dead in 5 years .

  • Lightstream

    The Liberals have always been vote whores. There’s only 2 things they do well:
    Drive Canada into massive debt
    Whore for votes.

    They’re absolute assholes.

  • Blind Druid

    “Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen” should be a strong enough clue, for even the densest moron, as to what the fuck is going on here.

    • Alain

      My thought exactly.

    • just_one_Sewer Rat_guy

      Yeah… “Should be“. Lest we forget exactly who it is we are dealing with here.

  • John the Mad

    Trudeau and the federal Liberals get to preen themselves on their virtue and reap the downstream votes once the immigrants get Canadian citizenship while the provinces and taxpayers have to foot the fiscal burden resulting from the federal decision. Perfectly cynical political strategy.

    • Alain

      Based on the last federal election they don’t need to show proof of Canadian citizenship to vote.

  • BillyHW

    White women have voted to ethnically cleanse their fathers, brothers, husbands and sons.

    • Watchman

      They have to: there aren’t enough females for the new immigrants to obtain their optimal four wives otherwise.

    • Maggat

      Almost seems that way, but, I don’t think anyone really thought IQ80’s policies would really be this bad.

      • k1962

        If you listened to him speak during the debates and while campaigning, you could tell that he hates us.

        • Maggat

          My fault as I never cared for his father and paid little attention to Justy.

  • Dave

    I’d say “you’ve got to be kidding” but we all know who the p.m. is and how his party “vote whores” so sadly, it’s not a joke.

  • Watchman

    “Canada is committed to ditching a policy that rejects immigrants because they’re sick or disabled and could be a drag on the health system, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen says.”

    Canada is doing its bit to save a lot of money for third world citizens that might otherwise have to pay immense amounts of money for transplants and other medical treatments:
    It’s a good think that these medical treatments cost nothing† in Canada compared to the listed cost in that link. The listed cost for a tracheotomy of US$205,000 would cost no more than two minutes of a doctor’s time and the price of a new scalpel and a length of PVC tubing anywhere else in the world. No wonder Obamacare is so expensive, sometimes with a deductible fee of over $10,000.

    † Largely dependent of what your definition of ‘cost nothing’ really means. I presume that there are costs and they don’t make doctors work for free (yet).

  • Alain

    This really enrages me considering that to bring my wife to Canada following our marriage abroad we had to show she had a clean bill of health and would not be a burden on the country. That was simply common sense and therefore acceptable as far as we were concerned, and now this when the socialised health care system is already broke. I know it isn’t admitted that it is broke, but it is.

    • Watchman

      Had she come as a refugee, her dental bills would also have been covered – until worthless Canadian citizens like you. /sarc

    • My parents had to do the same when they immigrated here.

    • Maggat

      Same with my wife, from the old USSR. A lot of paper work, forms, and money. I tell anyone of her friends that may wish to come over here, just put on a burka and pretend they are arabs or syrians or whatever the flavour of the month is.

    • David Murrell

      I immigrated to Canada in 1970 an I had to have a doctor’s check up, plus a chest x-ray, to obtain landed status.

  • simus1

    Sounds like a rerun of the old Dumpsterstani switcheroo back in previous Liberal times where sickly aged parents were “fully sponsored” to get in and then mysteriously wound up on welfare and full free access to medical treatment not too long after arriving.
    Good times.

  • Shebel

    JUSTIN !—- If is not to much of an imposition—

    What the sweet fuck are YOU doing ?

  • Shoot em all

    300000 migrants ( aka filthy muslim savages) coming in every year. How many are infested with tuberculosis, plague, and various other communicable diseases? Me you and every other taxpayer in this soon to be shithole country are expected to foot the bill. And who are gonna be the ones occupying all the housing they just announced? Homeless people my ass. Refugees are homeless and they will get every single one. What a load of shit. These high and mighty liberals take us working stiffs for fools. Wanna house some down and outs try taking care of the homeless ptsd best who put their asses on the line for these fucking ingrates. God damn these mother fuckers piss me off. My well is dry.

    • Maggat

      You took the words out of my mouth.

    • Tooth&Claw

      Regular TB takes about six to nine months to cure, with four antibiotics daily. Drug-resistant TB takes about two years to cure, and the treatment is much rougher. The drugs are more toxic, and only about 50 percent of people recover. That rate may be a little higher in the U.S.

  • Shoot em all

    Oops supposed to say ptsd vets.

  • Literally Hitler

    Elsewhere in liberal values news, Donkey Face just killed 90,000 private sector jobs and bankrupted countless small businesses.

  • pike bishop

    It does seem unfair that only the healthy and able bodied invaders be allowed to kill Canadians.

  • WalterBannon

    all I want for Christmas is for Trudeau to have a massive stroke

  • David_Martin

    Yipee – all those disabled Mo’s (the result of centuries of cousin marriages) can now come to Canada.