Forbidden Planet prop Robby the Robot sets price record after selling for $5.375 million

Robby the Robot from the sci-fi film Forbidden Planet has become the world’s most expensive piece of classic movie memorabilia after selling for £4million.

The seven-foot tall robot was a star of the 1956 film and one of the most memorable creations in science fiction. He is the servant of Dr Morbius on Altair IV – known as the Forbidden Planet – and has metal claws, a domed head and speaks 188 languages.

The robot was auctioned by Bonhams New York for a world record price of £4 million ($5,375,000) in the TCM Presents… Out of This World! auction.

  • Watchman

    Robby the Robot = Terminator T1 (Engineering Prototype)

  • Dis

    A sadly long deceased friend and I, along with others, were discussing the pros and cons of various scifi robots; mainly Robbie and the B9 robot from the Lost In Space series (they were designed by the same person, I think, and my friend was a Lost In Space tragic). At ome point, my wonderful friend turned to me and railed, “What has Robbie got that the B9 hasn’t?!” I grinned, realising that this was one of those rare and priceless occasions when I could retort with a devastating one word reply, and I said triumphantly, “Legs!”

    • Gary

      The designer was a japanese man that designed washing machine which explains the mid torso Drums that look like a front loader washer drum while he also made the glass windows on the doors that gave Robbie and B-9 those glass bubble tops and see through chest plates with lights when the spoke.
      Subaru Tribeca ( place in new York) and went by the model series B-9 . The grill centre piece with fins that held their 7 Sisters Star group was very close to an upside down version of the B-9 Robot’s chest window with the light .

  • Clausewitz

    The whole movie was basically a Sci Fi rehash of Shakespeare’s The Tempest.